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1006 North Leroy Street
Fenton, MI 48430
Phone: +1 810-750-2348
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There are many benefits to becoming a "Dues Paying" member although you can participate with paying dues.  We want to encourage everyone to contribute as it will allow us to do the many things that we have planned for the club.  You can pay convienently via Active or drop by the shop and they will add you and register your dues in the log. 
A note on Cyclefit (the shop):  The Cyclefit Sports Club is a 501 3c Not for Profit organization and we are not "owned" or operated by the Cyclefit, the business.  Cyclefit is a sponsor of the club and this offers us opportunities not otherwise available.  This being said we encourage you to consider them when you a shopping for your cycling (and multisport) needs. 

Cyclefit Multisport