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Bios and Club History - Stories from the Road

Gregg Bugala - I started riding with Flint Club in 1978, so I was a little later. All I know is that Sue's[Reber] late dad was the guy who motorpaced all of us. I would ride too work at Hill rd bicycle shop, then I'd leave work at 5:30, ride to north Flint where the Novara's lived. They lived at Clio rd and Pierson rd. All the club would meet there and we'd ride north and west about 30 miles out and back. The motorpacer was a honda 75cc with a roller attached to the back bumper. Sue's dad would do intervals where he'd slowly bring the speed up from 25 to 35 then 40mph-at which point Sue would sprint past her dad (on her track bike). There was sometimes a large paceline behind her. The further back you were in the paceline when the motorcycle sped up, the harder it was to hang on. That ride would just kill me! Sometimes when I'd show up on a damp day or cooler day, I'd get some real one on one attention from "dad." That's where I learned how to ride a paceline at really high speeds. Sue was always an encouragement to me. I was their only junior rider in the group. I remember a guy named Art McHue who went on to turn pro a few years later. He was the most powerful rider I'd ever seen. Once when we were cooling off going south on Clio rd., a car whizzed by us really close--enough to scare the crap out of us. Art McHue was so pissed off, he took off in a sprint after the guy. (When he sprinted, his bike would groan from all the power he'd inflict. His back tire would even squeal on each downstroke). About a kilometer later, he caught the driver stopped at a stoplight, riding alongside the driver side window and grabbed him by the collar and kinda pulled him out of his car. I loved that guy! 3 years later, he got 5th in the world championships in the KILO. After the 30 mile training ride, I'd ride all the way home to Lake Fenton 20 miles. So after 70 miles and a 8 hour work day, I'd be pretty tired! When I was a junior just starting in racing, I'd get dropped in every race, but when I turned to a senior at 19 yrs old. I think my 1st good race was a category 1 2 3 4 race in Chandler Park in Detroit. A great course because it was a long 1 mile loop with no corners. Speeds would get really fast, and somehow I was passing guys like crazy on the last lap while everyone was setting up for the sprint. I even got punched in the arms by some guys who wouldn't let me into the front paceline. So that's when I took off with a couple others in tow. I think I got third because I didn't know how to sprint yet-although my leg speed and tempo was pretty good. The motorpacing really helped me sustain high speeds! When I started weight training is when I got enough power for a sprint. One of the strangest smells that always takes me back to those days is the smell of silk tubular tires with a pinch of Clement tire glue. The tire glue sort of had a skunky tinge to it.

Adam Horski - Matt Coe could help with the GBC history.  They were huge into the 20” stuff (BMX and Freestyle).  Some pretty good riders came out of there.  The original road team did have a few people from Saginaw – it was an awesome team and we raced mostly in the 35+ category which can be a pretty fast group.  Chris P rode for C-Dale/Sobe when he finished 2nd to a wheel sucking Steve Tilford (Less than a second)  Not sure when he won.  The next year I think. Him and I also did the tandem and had a good time – I think we still hold the record for tandem.  He was the stoker and it was like having a feather with an engine on the back.  Our overall time put us in the top 25 I think.  You know how fish tales go……………..Pat Lehr rode with me the next year and I think he is still missing a lung from the leisurely ride.  Racing the tandem was the most fun I have had in bike racing.  One of the best memories is doing the Iceman on the tandem with my 6 year old son on the back.  Had to put 4” blocks with toe straps on the stoker kit pedals so he could pedal.  Rode with Don Miller and his son on a tandem and Don talked trash with my son Jed the whole way.
That’s racing when you get to take a lunch break.  Best part of it is the people – Some of the best people to cross my path.
Tony Hershberger - A.Horski definatlely got Revolution started. For the first 2 years is was "Team GBC" (Grand Blanc Cycle), first year we had a plain grey jersey with a small GBC logo, next year we got white/red/black. I think the first year was either 1997 or 8. After two years of GBC, mostly MTB'rs that hung out in the shop (myslef, D.Connor, A.Potter, E.Eves and the employees to name a few) "Team Revolution" was formed  and as Ron said there was a road contingent mostly from Saginaw and the Grand Blanc crew. It grew every year and grew a lot! The crew from Assenmachers joined up after the first year (G.Molloseau, H.Snyder, T.Kihlstrand, J.Gyunn, R.Gyunn, K.McCleland...). After a few years in the Saginaw roadies split off (with no hard feelings!!). 
I'd have to look at the old jersey's but I think we may even had a co-sponsorship for a year or two from GBC & Assenmacher.  Revolution Continued to grow until the shop closed :-(. I know I had a roster of over 100 at the time the shop closed. After the shop closed Revolution road out of Assenmacher for a year or two which is around the time Ron was getting C Fit up and running. After a year or two of C Fit being open and printing off their first team kits we again joined forces (Revolution and C Fit). That must of been 5-6 or so years ago.
Major Taylor had a good run, I think we had 5-6 State Championship Road Races. The last year was when the big storm ended up cancelling the race which pretty much deflated every one. A.Horski spearheaded the race in the beginnig, aftr the shop closed Matt A. took on the director roll for a couple years. Myself, A.Horski, M.Assenmacher, D.Connor, H.Snyder, R.Selley put a lot of blood sweat & tears in the MT over the years...
Don't quote me on any of this!! (sorry Tony...we already did) Its the best I can do from work while eating a PB&J, kinda rushed, heading to the airport in a few hours....
I attached a 2005 roster, I'd have to dig up my archives for the old ones. Would love to make a pictorial timeline of the jersey's but that will have to wait.
Oh, Pieterzcak was probably riding for C'dale SoBe when he won Iceman, also got 2nd the year before with Tilford sucking his wheel for 26 miles to blow by hom in the camp ground! Horski & Pieterzcak also won the tandem race one year (surprised they didn't snap the chain in the first 100yds!!!!)
Words about the contributors
Gregg Bugala - When he was 9-10 years old, there were two things he really loved to do. One was drawing pictures and the other was bicycling. In school, his aptitude test said he’d be an artist or a priest. Nothing was in there about professional bike racing. But after reading about Eddy Merckx cleaning up at the 1974 Tour, he made up his mind to try bike racing.
Starting riding as a junior, training with the Flint Bike club, he also cross trained as a cross country skier, speed skater. He’d chalk up 5000-6000 miles in a year, his highest mileage was 9000 miles. Riding his way up through the ranks, he’d occasionally find himself riding alongside the likes of Tom Schuler, Eric Heiden, Jeff Pierce, Hugh Walton, among others. One fall day in Greektown, Detroit, He lined up with the 16 year old Frankie Andreau who went on to ride on US postal team as a domestique for Armstrong. After being lapped by Frankie after 5 miles, in embarrassment, Gregg decided right then that cycling would never be a profession, and that he’d devote all his energy to pursueing his fine art career.
He met his wife while riding the Dalmac bike tour and completed his Bachelor of fine art degree when they got married in ’89. The aptitude test was coming true, except instead of becoming a priest, he’s been ordained as a deacon at his Presbyterian church. His art career has taken him south to Naples, Florida., North Carolina, and now maybe Austin Texas. Wherever he goes, he usually brings his bike!
Adam Horski - Adam started Revolution Cycling Club out of Grand Blanc Cyclery, strengthening the Tuesday ride and starting the Major Taylor Road Race which turned into the State Championships for a few years.  There was a road team mostly out of Saginaw for a while (Matt Jankowiak, Rob Foshag, others).
Tony Hershberger - Our Club President for the last several years.  Tony moved to West Michigan but has remained active with the club even with the distance.