About Us

We are a group of endurance athletes headquartered in Fenton/Linden and serving North Oakland, Genesee, Livingston, Shiawassee and Lapeer Counties. If you are a current member or want to be a new member please sign up here. There will be club races, member race results, discounts on gear, group rides, open water swims and many other things added as we go forward. 
The club is segmented into groups with captains who lead each discipline.  These captains will communicate out the group the activities that are specific to that group.  There are obvious areas of overlap and a member can belong to any group or number of groups.  
Dues Paying Members "what your money does for you"
  • Athlete insurance that covers things beyond what your normal insurance does for club organized events (includes weekly rides)
  • Access to the secure part of the website that includes training plans, the athlete roster, swim workouts, tri tips
  • Club Discounts at Cyclefit - 15% off
  • "At cost" uniforms
  • Qualify you for the nomination to the Jersey Award program which the winners get the pro deal for a year (HUGE Discounts for a year ~15% over cost).
  • Can participate in destination club races where deep discounts on bike shipping, lodging and entry fees will be available.
  • Voting rights

For Club Levels the list of "what your money does for others"

  • Sponsors the advocacy program which has helped things like "Complete Streets", SAGE, Maillot Jaune RR and the Pave de Champions bike race.
  • Marketing and outreach to new athletes through programs like Triathlon 101 through the SLPR and the First Tri Triathlon. 
  • Growing the club in both numbers of athletes and numbers of programs we can offer


  • Inspire yourself and others by participating...it doesn't take a podium finisher, it takes a smile on the face of a middle-of-the-packer. 
  • Whether or not you realize it, every time you are out there riding that bike you will put a thought in someone mind that they should be getting out and getting more fit.
  • Coaching through observation and curiosity- watch how another rider has their bike setup, pedal stroke, cadence.  Ask questions and pick their brain. 
  • Accountablity - we show up when we don't feel like it and finish satified that we have discipline