There is no fee or charge for participating in this ride. Each rider pays their own way.

This 7-day bicycle trip is planned for Fall 2020 , and will take us from Yuma, Arizona to Joshua-Tree National Park in California including a stop at The Salton-Sea. I will use "BikeFlights.com" to ship my bike to a bike shop in Yuma, AZ. Day Zero will be spent assembling + tuning the bikes, and riding west, 16 m to Quechuan-Casino on Interstate 8. We will spend day one and day two riding toward Salton-City, California, on the western shore of Salton Sea. we may take a day off to explore the sites around that abandoned former resort. Day four will take us to Palm-Springs, CA and Day five - to the town of Joshua-Tree. The next day we will ride thru The Joshua-Tree National Park and return to palm Springs the following day. I will ship my bike back to NYC from a Palm-Springs bike shop, and take the train to LA . The total cost of this trip should be under $1600 per person. The temperature should hover around 75F during the day and the daily mileage will average at 40 miles. each rider books their own travel and accommodations.

If you wish to take part, please contact me, Ben, at "CycleBig1@gmail.com"