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Growth Mindset

Develop students’ belief that ability and competence can and will grow with effort; that with the right effort, strategies, and help, he or she can succeed at school and future goals.


 Strategies for helping students in shifting their mindset toward a growth mindset include:
  • Teaching students about their own brain development. Help them think of their brain as a "muscle that strengthens with use, and have them visualize the brain forming new connections every time they learn."
  • Challenge students' language and labels like "smart" or "dumb." These send the message that intelligence is fixed.
  • Be strategic in giving praise to students. Emphasize students' effort, strategies, progress, and help-seeking behaviors, not their intelligence.
  • Give students challenges and "teach them that challenging activities are fun and that mistakes help them learn."
Check out the tools and resources attached below for strategies to help students develop a growth mindset.

Check out the Mindset Kit, including specific lessons and tips for helping students develop growth mindset.

Have students take the mindset survey to see if they have more of a growth or fixed mindset:

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