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Project Lakshmi: An Educational Venture Opportunity 

 Project Lakshmi Video

Project Lakshmi  Summary


Project Lakshmi is an innovative nonprofit educational venture which will train children in the developing nation of India how to utilize computers and open source software to generate designs which will be used in the textile industry to produce consumer goods. Utilizing the presence of two existing infrastructures (OLPC and the India Education System), Project Lakshmi will provide an additional source of training and education.

While education in compulsory for children ages 6-14, India does not enforce the law. This is due in part to the economic dependence of developing nations on child labour. Over 60 million children in India work in various sectors, with many children sold into labour by their families. Child labour conditions vary, with most children working under horrendous conditions with poor lighting, ventilation and hygiene facilities.

Project Lakshmi seeks to break the symbiotic relationship cycle of poverty, lack of education and child labour by providing a means of a valuable trade skill which can enable some children to escape the sweatshops.


Our team includes an experiences business entrepreneur, knowledgeable in the workings of both the business sector and nonprofit agencies; an educational specialist who holds National Board Certification and over 20 years of K-12 education experience; cultural liaisons with intimate knowledge of India’svalues and mores as well as extensive contacts in the business and education sector; and a technology specialist with over 10 years of coding experience and technical support experience.

Team Lakshmi


Nancy Brand

Educational Specialist

Liz Hood

Cultural  Liaisons

Nancy and Ashesh Patel

Technology Specialist

Taylor Thornburg



The audience of the pitch ranges from those in the global K-12 educational sector to those who are active in human rights.


The pitch focuses on acquiring initial start-up capital in order to implement the program.


The cost for the one year pilot program:



30 Computers OLPC XO

 $      6,000.00

Retainer for Technology Specialist

 $    50,000.00

Apartment Rental (India)

 $    32,000.00

Living Expenses (India)

 $    30,000.00

Teacher Salary (India)

 $    30,000.00

Incidental Expenditures

 $      2,000.00

Travel Expenses

 $    15,000.00




 $  165,000.00