Conquering the world one laugh at a time! 

CyberAliens Press is the result of combining Residential Aliens magazine with Cyberwizard Productions.

The publishers would like to apologize for the brief loss of sanity.

However, while we have your attention, we'd like to con.. err, well, anyway, how about a book? We've got lots! (Okay, we only have 1 right now but we have lots of copies of it).

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Strange Worlds of Lunacy is
a compilation of the funniest
fantasy and sci-fi humor in the
galaxy, the known universe, and
all the nine-million planes of
existence! (Okay, well, maybe the
surrounding five blocks.) More than
30 short stories, limericks and poems
by break out authors and seasoned
veterans will have you laughing so
hard you'll wet your...
Strange Words of Lunacy
The Galaxy's Silliest Anthology
Ships mid April, 2008