Welcome to a unit on Internet topics that will enlighten anyone that goes online. This unit requires you to go through 5 steps in order to fully appreciate the online culture. As the world continues to embrace the Internet as part of their normal routine, it is imperative that they make good choices and contribute positively to their communities and the world for that matter. Go through the 5 steps below so you can learn about online topics that can help you navigate more easily and have a healthier experience by using some of the tips in order to have a better online experience. If you are an IB school, you might want to visit the IB Guidelines link.

This link will introduce the theme of this unit.

The Task
This link will let you know what activities you will complete in order to reach the objectives of this unit.

The Process
The process will walk you through several projects that will help you determine what kind of a Public Service or multi-media Announcement you will create in order to educate an audience about your online concern.

This page will provide sites and videos to assist in gaining knowledge about various online topics that impact society.

This will provide a set of standards to assist in the production of a Public Service Announcement or multi-media presentation.

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