The International CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology Conference brings together researchers, clinicians, policy makers and funding agencies to share and discuss advancements in the growing disciplines of CyberTherapy & CyberPsychology.

The 2014 conference (CT19) will receive input from a wider segment of the scientific community, and attracted experts in clinical therapy and rehabilitation, cognitive sciences, social sciences, and computer sciences interested in the meeting's core topics: emerging applications of new media, design of new media and effects of new media. CT20 is expected in June 2015 in San Diego, USA.

The conference also tried to design, evaluate and apply cutting edge technologies such as Ambient Intelligence, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Avatars, Shared Virtual Worlds, Video Game Virtual Reality (VGVR), Web 2.0 and 3.0,  3G and 4G mobile phones. 


The 2014 conference will be held in Washington DC, USA.