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Here are a few links that I like (or dislike) or seem to have liked (or disliked) at some point of time. The links are not sorted in any order and I am not responsible for any material on any of these pages!

  1. DRDO, my employer:
  2. Indian Institute of Science:
  3. Bharat Rakshak:
  4. ArXiv ePrint Archive:
  5. Directory of Open-Access Journals:
  6. National Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics, India:
  7. Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers:
  8. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
  9. Spread Spectrum Scene Online:
  10. International Society for Complexity, Information and Design:
  11. GaianXaos X-Talks:
  12. Soumitro Banerjee's Home:
  13. Soumyajit Mandal's Home:
  14. JC Sprott's Home:
  15. Kalpana's World:
  16. Wikipedia:
  17. Wolfram MathWorld:
  18. Wolfram Functions:
  19. Amatuer Astronomy - Northern Constellations:
  20. Dibon Smith's Constellations Page:
  21. Absolute Astronomy:
  22. Synaptic Systems - Astronomy Page:
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