Hon. President A P J Abdul Kalam for second term of Presidency will you?

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There is nothing like the President does not desire a 2nd term

April 03, 2007
Professor Arun Tiwari has known President A P J Abdul Kalam for 25 years.

He worked under Kalam on India's Integrated Guided Missile Development programme and the Trishul and Akash missile projects. He is also credited with designing the country's first titanium bottle used to power missiles.

After quitting the missile projects due to ill-health, he joined the healthcare industry, trying to use his expertise to develop better medical products. He won the Defence Technology Spin-Off Award for the development of an indigenous coronary stent known as the Kalam-Raju stent,

One of his favourite projects remains co-authoring Wings of Fire with President Kalam. "I consider it a part of my destiny that I happened to write the biography of Dr Abdul Kalam. Actually, I co-authored it with him. It was just like a pilgrimage for me -- suddenly I got this once-in-lifetime chance to know the intricacies and depth of an enlightened mind like Dr Abdul Kalam. It was a great act of benevolence as far as I am concerned," he told rediff.com in a 2002 interview. Read more



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