Learning Units 

 Transforming Scholars to Doctors

Okay, So What is Science?

What is life?

How do Our Spectacular Cellular  Systems Support Our Cells Survival?

Your Health, Your History, Your Heritage

Exploring The Circle of Life

Lets Classify Life Through the Six Kingdoms and Dichotomous Keys

Africa, why is it called the mother land?

CRCT Test Prep Center


 This portion of the site is devoted to displaying the musical creations of our science scholars.  These artistic expressions may manifest as a ballads or hip hop pieces.  Please sit back and enjoy the sounds of science.

Cyber Science School Chant Competition

 Welcome to the first ever Cyber Science School Chant Competition.  The competitors in our inaugural battle will be chanting the song: "What You Know 'Bout Cells"  Please enjoy their performances and vote for the group that you think is the best using the poll below!

 Georgia State



Tuskegee Also Brings You The Remix!!!!!!

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