Transforming Science Scholars to Doctors through Rules, Procedures, & Goal Setting Learning Unit



During this unit scholars will learn the appropriate behavior, and procedures for attaining success in the life science classroom.  Then scholars will set personal goals for their academic performance during the school year.  They will learn about the efforts, sacrifices, and commitments made by doctors in African history and culture.  Students will then determine the commitments and sacrifices they will have to make in the science classroom to transrom from science scholars to doctors.


Transforming Scholars to Doctors Unit Check Up Sheet

Transforming Scholars to Doctors Table of Contents

Our Imhotepic Oath

Clasroom Procedures Notes

Procedural Scenarios Practice

Teamwork graphic organizer

Multiple Intelligence Descriptions

Goal Setting/CRCT Notes

CRCT/Goal Setting Presentation

Goal Setting Worksheet

Unit Assessments

"My Ancestry, Ability, Personality, My Destiny": Past, Present, and, Future Conversations



We are science scholars striving to perform with the precision of doctors in our ancestry like Imhotep, Rebecca Cole, and Ben Carson, by demonstrating a commitment to scholarship, teamwork, integrity, and other ways to success.



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