CyberRobin is a budding social gaming startup, creating free games for people to play together using social sites like Facebook as its platform. Unlike the other social gaming companies, CyberRobin is established based on philantrophic grounds.

Facebook applications and games are growing in its popularity among the youths of University and Junior Colleges around the globe. CyberRobin was founded by Zac Suresh Arackakudyil and co-founded by Akhilesh Narayan for utilizing this interest and hobby of social gaming to benefit the underprivileged world around us.

There are those who are extremely talented but do not get opportunities to sustain themselves due to monetary reasons or other handicaps. These people lose out to the rich and are hence caught in the vicious circle of deprivation for many generations. The social enterprise, CYBER- ROBIN (suggesting the redistribution of cash from the rich to the relatively not rich via online gaming) looks to help these people financially or otherwise.