I currently use BTTV32.drv/BTTV.exe to run my TV app (Zoltrix Genie TV/FM), and captrec (aka BTTV recorder) for video recording. As captrec is way to simple, and has lot of limitations, I've created small script in REXX that will eliminate some of them and make multiple recording much easier. 


      - Every executing captrec.cmd will start captrec.exe with name as paramethar that represent current date and time (like 20070110-141620.avi) and with such using It is easy to record more movies without worrying about deleting files just recorded.  When recording is finished, captrec.cmd will wait on keypress to continue.

      - it back control on files when recording is finished, manage conversion with FFMPEG automaticaly,

      - delete left overs (source wav and avi).



      - Video: I successfully record 320x240 and 384 x 288 resolution of TV (seems that 640x480 also work but my CPU is to slow to handle it without to many drop frames (Intel 550MHz oc to 618MHz)), other resolutions I try split screen, also, there is problem with codecs that are usable in MMIO.  I haven't anything else than ultimotion and uncompressed.  It is however possible to install movie jpeeg codec.

      - Sound: Only 22050 Hz, 44100 sounds distorted.

You can download captrec.cmd here:  still alpha

You also could find this interesting: Ripper, simple script to cut videos.

      My recomendation is; if You plane to buy an TV card, by any of Hauppauge supported by Emperoar, othervise, if You already have one, go with BTTV/captrec.


Latest BTTV package from can be found here:   looks like it is discontinued


Original Captrec (BTTV recorder) by  Darwin O'Connor , and original documentation can be found here :                it is discontinued.


 here are some samples of capturing using captrec: