Be young, have fun,  use flame thrower !!! ;)))

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     Napalm is script that should made burning DVD or CD easy and simple. if You are familiar with BatchBurn, You will find self here easy. No fancy graphics, just text user interface, but it is fast on older machines. It is suitable for emergency usage, when booting from cd or similar

     It support multisession (only DVD's and CD's are tested) and is mainly written to made data disc, but You can burn whatever You need. Also, work without problems on HPFS partition. There is for example option made on request of user to quick change ISO mode in mkisofs for home DVD machines that does not see Joliet names.

     It is heavy tested in real work and it is suitable even for small pirate factory.

     Napalm is free, and open for any changes You might want.

     Warranties ?  It is made to burn, so if You get Your house on fire, it is non documented feature.

     You need mkisofs and CDrecord with Napalm, and  both are included in download page, and this pair of versions work together without problems in multisession.