About Us

We are CyberGirlz Silicon Valley, a new initiative offered by the Jay Pinson STEM educational program that promotes and guides girls in 7th and 8th grade to take a deeper look into Computer Science. Our pilot program wishes to encourage more female students to involve themselves in the field of Computer Science as well as Cybersecurity. Collaborating with CyberWatch West, Campbell Union School District, Franklin McKinley School District, and CommUniverCity San Jose, our program offers the girls the chance to learn thrilling computer skills while working with students from San Jose State University. The girls will be led by not only San Jose University students, but also industry professionals who have plenty of first-hand experience. Women who have high-end careers in Computer Science are also brought in to visit and share their experiences. We work to provide our club members a way to not only learn from leading women but also the means of becoming a leader in online safety in their own right. Our program mentors our 100+ students to be prepared for cybersecurity competitions that will be held at the CyberGirlz Silicon Valley Summit at San Jose State University on May 2, 2015.

Cyber Girlz Event Ballroom

The Jay Pinson STEM Education Program

    The Jay Pinson STEM Education Program (JPSEP) is a program that spans across multiple colleges within San Jose State University. Led by student leaders and volunteers, our goal is to bring practical STEM education to students ranging from Kindergarten to Seniors in High School. In addition to Cyber Girlz Silicon Valley, our program also provides other initiatives such as the Girls/Youth STEM Network, where we inspire youths by bringing STEM activities to the classroom and after-school programs.
Cyber Girlz Silicon Valley Team:

Dr. Virginia Lehmkuhl-Dakhwe, Director

Philip Ye, CSU STEM AmeriCorps*VISTA (and CyberGirlz Mastermind)

Nina Levine, CSU STEM AmeriCorps*VISTA

Vinh Ho, Lead Instructor

David Macias, Lead Instructor

Juliarose Medal, Lead Instructor

Joan Sirma, Lead Instructor