Gar's News

Added a Design section to describe Open Source projects I'm working on and the thinking behind them.

Added a Forum for people to request information, ask questions, and discuss anything they like regarding Meridian 59.

Added a new Cheats section to help educate the Meridian populace.

Added a new Ideas section to keep my ideas organized.

Added a ton of new info in the Mechanics section thanks to Tinc of Server 101.
Also added an Ignore List, handy for cleaning up your Meridian experience.

Added Spellbot and Silence bot to the Meridian 59 Files page for player convenience.

Accompanying the launch of my personal crappy site is the release of two of my programs designed for Meridian 59.
You can find these in Meridian 59 Files.

--- A tradebot that completely automates the selling of Meridian 59 items for shillings.

--- A small anti-hack that protects you from hackers while you are botting in your guildhall.