Space Duty

A short and comical sci-fi story that takes place aboard a small space station in a somewhat strange universe. You have been drafted and shipped to a system on the fringe of colonized space, to make things worse, you have had an AI chip implanted into your head and your memory has failed. Your only desire and purpose is to get off the station. Game features NPCs that take care of their needs, station feels alive and there are subtle different choices that you can make through your journey.

Galaxy Union

This one has been in the making for a long time, my first commercial game. Galaxy union is a 4x space game that is set in a universe where whole galaxies are colonized and exploited, you take control of a single colony in one of these galaxies and fight to become the major shareholder in that galaxy. It has a few concepts that are not seen in other 4x games. It includes the following features.

  • 3D galaxies
  • 3D systems
  • galaxies with hundreds of systems
  • dynamic market
  • patents
  • real resources (periodic elements)
  • colonization
  • space stations
  • combat
  • many AI players
  • and a few more things

The game was made with XNA and .NET 4.0. To be honest this project was a bit too ambitious, at times it seemed that it will never get done. Project took about 6 months solid coding and now sits at around 20k lines of code, I did all the assets myself. The game is currently available for purchase on Steam. It's priced as a giveaway, please support me, the funds will be used for any new games I make and will surely lead to better quality of those games.


Infinite Gravity Run (Android)

Infinite Gravity Run is a procedurally generated side scroller, each time a new and unique level is generated for the player. You are driving NASA's SEV on an alien planet, the twist being is that you can control gravity on that planet. Game makes you worry about oxygen and fuel levels, while giving you ability to jump, boost and drop drills. Goal is to survive while picking up score boosting items.

Google Play

City Color World (Android)

A world full of colorful cities, each with it's own take on a color puzzle. Features a planet view and city view, even some car traffic is included. This game should pass you some time while looking all nice and colorful. Cities are procedurally generated, each one is different every time.

This game is based on two separate prototypes, a planet generator and a city grid generator. Game features a world layer and a city layer, player picks a city on the world layer and then plays a simple color puzzle on the city layer.

Google Play

Planet Color Puzzle (Android)

A quick puzzle game for Android, you get two icosahedron spheres, one is colored, the other is not and you have to match the colors of one to the other. There are three speed settings and three sphere sizes. Higher detail icosahedron spheres are achieved by recursively dividing the smaller detail one by simplified sqrt(3) division process.

Google Play

eve scout

Eve Online tool for watching local, it will alarm you when hostiles enter the system you are currently in. This tool is intended for defensive purposes, being safe while mining or ratting. You can setup hotlists with specific players, corporations or alliances. A tool like this already existed (BACON) and used a similar method of collecting data, eve scout reads lbw files produced by CCP's logserver found in the eve directory, this seems to be ok with CCP. Eve scout does not require an internet connection, but it's not compatible with windows XP as it uses .NET 4.5, you might need to download it in order to use the program. This program was inspired by an "incident" while ratting, failing to check local by being too involved in the current activity (the hostile got podded :)). If you have any suggestions or questions, send me a mail.

Eve scout requires that it is run as administrator, version (0.0.2) has been released, it is capable of listing all players in system instead of just joining players, however it is not really stable at this point.

You can download eve scout ( or eve scout ( (Alpha) [screenshot]

Infinity: Quest For Earth

I have been a member of the Infinity: Quest for Earth community for many years now, in that time I have programmed many prototypes for the community, mostly to aid gameplay discussions. Here are some of the prototypes:

InfinityCity and ItemTree
Infinity Mining Prototype
Projectile Crafting Prototype
Simple City generator

For the past few days I have been working on a Simple Fractal Terrain Generator, inspired by Infinity, but basically just a curiosity programming project, you can download it and the source at github. Simple planet generation is now included. You can see a demo at youtube.

* Infinity site has gone offline, so none of these links work anymore.

Bomb Tech

A simple puzzle game for the Android system, defuse a bomb before the timer runs out. Puzzle has a logical configuration, once this is figured out using the schematic any instance of the puzzle can be solved by two wire cuts. You have to trace the different wires routed trough different components, like a timer and radio detonation device, there is also a hint tool that will hi-lite the wire selected making the tracing easier. Game has three difficulty settings. This game took just over a week to code using Eclipse and libgdx.

You can get Bomb Tech on Google Play.

Paper Battle

Another short term project for the Android system, this game is based on a paper game, it simulates a miniature battle, the game area is partitioned in half, each player places their game pieces and then tries to hit the opposing pieces by marking a point on their side of the map. The point is translated to the opponents side and a collision check is made to see weather the shot was successful. There are three difficulty settings, thus three different backgrounds are used, the backgrounds make the shot placement easier as the player can better approximate the other side of the play area by counting blocks or tracing lines. The AI also has three difficulties, easy AI tends to miss more and not use optimal target selection. I'm satisfied with the project, it took about a week to do and is enjoyable to play. As last time, I used libgdx and eclipse for this project.

You can get Paper Battle on Google Play.

City Generator

I wanted to see how easy it is to generate a procedural city, so I spent the last week doing just that. It's really simple, there are many approaches to solving the problems with partitioning roads and block segments, I think I must have rewritten the code a few dozen times. Current system generates roads and partitions them as well as partitioning the existing roads, tolerance check is added so I don't end up with tiny thin segments, second pass finds road segments that are connected into a quad and generates a building in that quad. I'm aware that it's simplistic and a bit slow, however I don't have any real uses for this just yet and spending time on this wouldn't yield any benefits. Program was made with C# and XNA.

Screenshot and City Generator 0.1

Finger Munch

A change of scenery, being curious after purchasing a Galaxy Tab, I have used my last week programming a game for the android system. The result is Finger Munch, a packman style casual/arcade type game. It's simple and fun, lucky that Java is pretty similar to C# which I'm accustomed to, plus Eclipse is a decent IDE and has nice integration with android SDK, game uses libgdx as the engine.

App has been released on the Android Market.

Hacker World Online

Biggest project yet, this is a client-server game that uses WCF service as server and XNA as client. The project was intended to test out networking, SQL and produce a reusable UI for upcoming projects. I'm pretty happy with the game, it should keep you occupied for a few days. I'm going to try and keep the server running 24-7, but please be considerate if the server goes offline, just give it some time and it should be back up.

More info can be found on Hacker World Online page.

-Due to constant hacking attempts on me and limited bandwidth, HWO server has been taken offline.
-Source code is now available on github.
-HWO has touched upon the Steam Greenlight top 100, please up-vote.


I'm a fan of Sim City franchise and always found city building/management games interesting, so I decided to throw together a little city simulation myself. It's not on par with any of the big city titles, just a little experiment that I always wanted to conduct. Still it should keep you interested for a few hours, owning the entire region is satisfying and seeing the population grow is nice.

Anyway, you can find the download and more info on the pencilCity page. This game also uses Microsoft XNA framework.


Based on a paper puzzle game, in dotsToBlocks you can try to beat the PC by claiming more blocks than he does. Simple yet fun. This game uses Microsoft XNA Framework.

More info and download can be found on dotsToBlocks page.


Human race has looked towards the stars since the beginning of civilization, we have the knowledge to colonize and explore our solar system, however the costs are too high and return in capital investment is low. Space corp simulates a company that manufactures and launches spacecraft while turning a healthy profit, see if you can get 1000 people living "off Earth" and make billions while doing it.

You can download the latest version on spaceCorp page.


An outbreak of zombie flu is threatening to wipe out the human race, manage the response to this threat on a global level. This is a simple game that can be finished in one sitting. I hope you enjoy it.

More details and download can be found on zombieProtocol page.


A space trading game that features a randomly generated galaxy and trade table, become rich by hiring crew and upgrading your ship. It's interesting to see how much a crew member that does a simple task like checking for profitable trades can simplify the game and make profits much easier to come by. You will start with no help and gradually feel like a captain that gives out orders and thinks on a higher level.

Download can be found on the starshipCommand page. Enjoy.


Colonists is a strategy and simulation game that puts you in charge of a newly founded colony, you manage resource collection, building construction, ship construction, conquest of other colonies and trade.

Vision was to make a simple and easily understood game that you leave running in the task-bar. Resource collection occurs in real time and the purpose of the game is to become the sole empire, conquering all the other colonies on the map.

I hope you will enjoy it, you can download it from

Calypso Ore

Calypso Ore is a program for Entropia Universe, more specifically Planet Calypso. The game uses real currency as the exchange medium, this makes information and knowledge of how the game works so much more important. As such I'm working on a program similar to NRF (No Resources Found), I used NRF and found it extremely useful, but it has not been updated in a while and the upgrade of the game to v10 has made it obsolete.

Calypso Ore uses tesseract as the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, you take a screenshot, the program tries to isolate the relevant text and feeds it to tesseract, which outputs text, that is validated and this information is plotted on a map and saved to a xml file.

Sounds simple, but a lot of things can go wrong, screenshot might not be of good enough quality (bad lighting or position of deed details), isolation of the text into a smaller bitmap essential for OCR to work properly might not work, then the OCR software itself might not translate the text properly. There are measures to isolate the best recognized lines and the plotting of the deeds does work most of the time.

Advice is to look at the ground, open the deed, have it selected (so that the writing is light blue) and wait until the deed details are clearly visible (wait for the rotating page to pass the writing), then right click on the Calypso Ore icon in the task bar and select Screenshot (or you can press print-screen).
Note that you have to run Planet Calypso in window mode.

Program includes maps of both continents on which collected ore data is plotted, there are filters and options that enable organizing and cataloging locations of ores. Also the program includes monitoring of the chat log file generated by Project Entropia, this is used to help the player space out probe drops and makes dropping of probes much more efficient, than doing it manually. Also there are graphs that aid the player in understanding the bigger picture of mining.

You can download Calypso ore from the calypso ore page.

Once downloaded, you can run the setup program in the zip, or just extract the “Calypso Ore<version no>” directory and run the “Calypso Ore.exe”.

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