Students are using technology to bully other students. It's hard to always track because it doesn't always at school or around adults. Victims of cyberbullying experience long-lasting social effects and self-esteem issues. This website will serve to increase the understanding and awareness of cyberbullying, offer solutions for prevention, as well as steps to take if you or someone you know is being bullied through technology.

How do these problems relate to activities across different areas of life?
The impact of cyberbullying may have substantial psychosocial and academic consequences.  In the current research by Mishna, Cook, Gadalla, Daciuk, and Solomon, and also research done by others (Beran & Li, 2005), students who were bullied online reported feeling angry, sad, anxious, embarrassed, scared, and were not able  to concentrate in class which affected their grades. These students were also more likely to skip school, get detentions, be suspended, or bring a weapon to school (Ybarra, Diener-West, & Leaf, 2007). Research shows that students who experienced cyberbullying or online sexual solicitation, were significantly more likely to have depression, substance use, and delinquency (Michell, Ybarra, & Finkelhor, 2007).   In some cases the social pressure of cyberbullying has lead to teen suicide.  Other than suicide, which abruptly ends a life, the impact of online bullying could not only affect the student’s success in school, it could also carry over into adulthood negatively impacting the lives, employment, and relationships of the cyberbullying victims.

What are the educational opportunities and challenges arising from these developments?
Information and communication technologies present huge opportunities for our students to gain knowledge and be able to communicate with others who have their same interests. Unfortunately these technologies can be used to deliver harm to students, such as when cyberbullying occurs. The challenge for schools and teachers is to make sure they are doing everything they legally can to protect the students, and also educate them on preventing, identifying, and dealing with cyberbullying.

Where are these technological and social trends taking the field of education?
Digital citizenship and Internet safety, specifically cyberbullying, will become a key component of K-12 curricula. Broadening the scope of education and what we teach must be integrated into our curriculum as we use more and more technology.
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A Great Overview of Cyberbullying