Cyathea is commonly known as the scaly tree fern, a group with erect trunk, large crown of leaves with thin scales covering their young crozier and base of stipe. This group is extraordinarily special from other tree fern group in Malesian Region (consist of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, New Guinea and East Timor) regarding their beautiful appearance, economic uses, number of species and wide distribution. However, there are only 16 non-endemic species in the main island of Java (Indonesia). But, due to vast land conversion and human overpopulation, these species is threaten and might be only known from writings or herbarium specimens in the near future.

This website is dedicated to R. E. Holttum who was consistently working on this group for many years. The content of the pages is largely reflecting of what he has done and published in the frame work of Flora Malesiana with some corrections and additional information compiled from my own works and other's.