SSNG Photos 2010


SSNG meet #1007

Mid shot (note the brass just starting to eject)

Splattered brains from the "Zombie Challenge"

Targets used for the "Weak Hand Challenge" which had to be shot one handed, weak hand, unsupported.

Andy's new and fun creation....Tic-Tac-Toe with clay pigeons!

Also a couple of very short VIDEOS

Me shooting a suppressed .22 Pistol

Zombie "Brains" getting splattered during the Zombie Challenge


Happy Halloween!  The "Monster" Shoot n' Greet 2010!

Tons of Targets, including the Evil Zombie Clown Challenge, ready for people to arrive!

Flying ghosts (filled with powder...they exploded in a white PUFF when hit, it was great) and skeletons and pumpkin ornaments

The forces of evil are upon us....or in other words, a "target rich" environment!
(Powder filled balloons and ghosts, golf balls, clay pigeons/pumpkins, and all manner of other misc.targets)

Ghoul mask

(and the "blood bottle" hidden inside for effect)

Long range (25 yard) Zombie splatter targets (for those with rifles or a lot of ambition)

Well...there's always SOMEONE with some ambition!
(If anyone knows who made, this shot please let me know because anyone who can nail a paintball
at 25yards with a pistol deserves some recognition!)

Zombie vs .40 S&W during the 10sec zombie challenge. 
An excellent (and rare) first round bullseye by one of our hunters!

Zombie vs 10mm during the 10sec zombie challenge. 

The impact was so hard it blew a huge hole in the backer and popped the paintball "brains" off of the Zombie next door!
Boy do I LOVE the 10mm!

A great shot on one of the bottles of "vampire blood".  You can see the spray of droplets still in the air to the right.

Mike P's .47-70 vs the Ghoul Mask (the "blood bottle" effect was all we had hoped for <grin>)

And of course, the inevitable target stand repairs.

Also there should be a photo here of how nice the range looks after we clean up but I was tired and there were other shooters waiting on us to finish so I never got the chance to take a picture. 

The Staunton Shoot n' Greet group firmly believes in leaving things as clean or better than we found them!


Year end Shoot n' Greet (2010)

Setting up targets.

Andrew shooting a Mosin-Nagant

 and hitting a gourd.

 A little bit of instruction.