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Staunton "Shoot n' Greet"
(Firearms and Fellowship since 2008)

A free, open, and INFORMAL social event at the Hite Hollow Shooting Range  (Virginia)

[Remember to always check this page on event day in case there are changes/cancellations]

Current/Upcoming Event Information


The "Staunton Shoot n' Greet" is on Hold.

Next Event: Indefinite Hold

5/10/2014:  Unfortunately with the high gas prices and the utter lack of ammo on the shelves,
interest in the SSNG dropped off to almost nothing. 
Therefore I am suspending the meets until the situation improves.

Please remember to dress warmly, the winds at "the hollow" can chill you! 
  • With the weather we've been having you can expect MUD so take that into consideration with your footgear. 
  • I strongly recommend that you bring lawn chairs so you can sit down someplace.
  • Basically, remember to read the "do I need anything else" section of the FAQ

Also a brief note about me at the events: 

Folks if I seem a little distracted or hard to catch at the event it's because I'm trying to keep track of everything and make sure the safety rules are being followed.  Don't let it put you off, I'm a friendly guy so don't be reluctant to say "HEY THERE" and strike up a conversation  (just please understand if I have to break-off abruptly to check on something).  Thanks for your patience!

Thanks to the Backyard Shooter for a nice write up of one of our events Link Here


Notes from the previous event.

I think the April event might have been the first actual "washout" for the SSNG with zero participation due to the rainy weather.  I set up some targets and shot for a while but the cardboard backing and paper targets quickly suffered in the downpour and then it was just sort of pathetic.

If anyone came after 12:30pm, sorry I missed you but since nobody had shown up to that point I decided it was time to pack it in and go home for a hot lunch.

There was one shocker when I discovered massive fire damage around the shooting range.  As it turns out there had been a controlled burn in the area just a few days before and the whole area still smelled like a huge fire-pit.

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