Fred C. & Jane Sweeney Worrall
Norcatur, Kansas

Parents of Margaret Worrall, known at Pegeen Fitzgerald


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Fred and Jane Sweeney Worrall was married in Norcatur, Kansas on Wednesday, December 17, 1903.  They both grew up in Norcatur.  Another couple that married the same day was Charley Worral and Lizzie Frewen. They also grew up in Norcatur. ---Source: "Local Mention," The Norcatur Register, December 25, 1903, Vol. XIX, No. 1, page 4

On January 1, 1904 The Norcatur Register,  under "Local Mention,"  reported that "Mr. and Mrs. Fred Worrall are living in the M. E. parsonage."  ---The Norcatur Register, January 1, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 2 page, 4.

On January 8, 1904, The Norcatur Register, under "Local Mention," reported: "One of the very acceptable wedding presents received by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Worrall, was a 100-piece dinner set from F. E. Sayles." ---The Norcatur Register, January 8, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 3, page 4.

On page 5 of The Norcatur Register, January 8, 1904, under "Local Mention" it reads: "Fred Worrall started out with his line of new hats and left his new wife to test the merits of Bachelor life."

"The M. E. people have sold their old parsonage to Mrs. Devereaux, and will soon erect a new parsonage on the lots next to the church."--Source:  The Norcatur Register, January 28, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 6, page 5.

"Fred Worrall Sundayed at home." --Source: The Norcatur Register, February 19, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 8, page 4.

"Harry Smith, while driving Fred Worrall home from Lyle the other day, had a lively runaway which scattered hats all over the prairie, smashed the trunk wagon good and plenty, stood Fred on his head and livened things up generally." --Source: The Norcatur Register, March 4, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 10, page 4.

"Fred Worrall was in town Friday." --Source: The Norcatur Register, April 29, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 18, page 4.

"Mrs. Jane Worrall has severed her connection with the People's Store.  She has been there for a long time and will be greatly missed by the regular patrons of the store." --Source: The Norcatur Register, May 13, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 20, page. 4.

"May Holben took Mrs. Jane Worrall's place at the People's Store Monday morning and will hereafter preside over the dry goods department.****(more to this about May Holben).--Source: The Norcatur Register, May 13, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 20, page. 4

"If you want to borrow money on real estate it will be to your interest to see Fred Worrall.  He can promptly procure a loan and on the most favorable terms." --Source: The Norcatur Register, June 3, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 23, page 4 and The Norcatur Register, June 10, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 24, page 4.

Fred and Jane had 7 children: Margaret, Irene, Fred, Cristine, Eve, Mimi, and Patrick

Other Worrall's:

"Clint Worrall is building a porch on the west side of the hotel.  This will add much to the comfort as well as the appearance of the place."--Source: The Norcatur Register, April 8, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 15, page 4.

"Mrs. Evie Worrall's school closed last Friday.  She still lives in Oberlin."--Source: The Norcatur Register, April 15, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 16, page 4.

"The friends of Ida Worrall will be pleased to learn that she has secured a good position as a teacher in a school for the deaf and dumb at Fort Gibson Indian Territority, and that her health is much better than when she left Kansas." --Source: The Norcatur Register, May 27, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 22, page 4.

"Hazel and Willie Worrall returned to Norcatur Monday."--Source: The Norcatur Register, May 27, 1904, Vol. XIX, No. 22, page 5.