Eldon Henton
From Stockdale to Manhattan

Copyright 2008.  Cynthia Harris.  All rights reserved.

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"Ah, shucks!" said the 86 year old man wearing bibbed overalls and a short sleeve shirt, sitting at his dining room table with his wife, Evelyn and his sister Kathern, "they're just stories."

Stories is correct.  Eldon Henton was born and raised in Stockdale, Kansas, now under Tuttle Creek Lake.  When he was about six years old (his sister Kather in one year younger) his folks moved to Zeandale, Kansas.  The geography of Zeandale is across the Kansas River of the small town of St. George, Kansas.  It was at St. George that Eldon and Kathern attended school and graduated high school. Although Eldon and Kathern are 86 and 85 respectively, they both have been blessed with great memories.  And the stories they tell are both humerous and serious, giving a listener a taste of a flavorful past that happened less than 100 years ago.