Eisenhower's Abilene

Follow Your Dreams!

Ike Did!!!

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In 2004, I wrote a paper for the Eisenhower Graduate Seminar at Kansas State University titled "Eisenhower's Abilene."  From this paper comes the 2009 "Ike's Abilene: 1890-1910" to be presented as an exhibit in the Eisenhower Museum and through speakers at the Eisenhower Library.

For me, this is really a true honor.


June 27, 2009 - I made a presentation at the Eisenhower Visitor Center Auditorium.  The auditorium was packed and people had a great time.

After the program one lady came to me and said, "Have you ever thought about being a historic performer?"  I must have given her a puzzled looked because she continued, "You would make a great comedian and people would learn history along the way!"

So, someday, I may attend a Historic Performers Workshop and give my best comedy routine a try and see what the professionals think...