Blacksmith's Wife

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I am currently on researching the Blacksmith's Wife.  The reason is my husband's hobby is blacksmithing.  He also portrays a Blacksmith for re-enactments and festivals.  When I go along, I usually dress in a long prairie style dress and either sew or crochet to keep me busy.  So, I think it is fitting that I research the Blacksmith's wife to see what kind of work she actually did to keep busy while her husband was working in his shop.

Today a blacksmith is often referred to as a "farrier."  My hubby blacksmith does not shoe horses.  Instead he makes things such as knives, spoons, forks, fire irons, dinner bells, gun racks, strikers, and roses.

Throughout my research, a blacksmith's wife did about the same things as other wives during the time frame.  The kept the house-cooking and cleaning; taking care of the children; mending clothing; and sometimes making clothes.  They also attended to the vegetable garden and the poultry-mostly chickens.

One thing I have learned to do is "drop spin" with wool to make yarn.  I am still not consistent with the yarn making, but with practice I feel it will be good enough to do what I want to do.


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