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Recent Publications in Random Early Detection (RED) schemes

posted Jun 8, 2011, 2:05 AM by Changwang ZHANG   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 5:44 AM ]
Download the AQM&DoS Simulation Platform - a NS2 based experimental platform for DoS attacks (Distributed DoS, Spoofing DoS, Low-rate DoS, etc.) and AQM schemes (RED, RRED, SFB, etc.).  

 1.Title: Random gap detection test and random gap detection test-expanded: Results in children with previous language delay in early childhood 
Author(s): Muluk NB, Yalcinkaya F, Keith RW
Source: AURIS NASUS LARYNX   Volume: 38   Issue: 1   Pages: 6-13   Published: FEB 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 2.Title: Self-Tuning Random Early Detection Algorithm to Improve Performance of Network Transmission 
Author(s): Chen JY, Hu CY, Ji Z
Source: MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING Article Number: 872347   Published: 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
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 3.Title: RREDRobust RED Algorithm to Counter Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks 
Author(s): Zhang CW, Yin JP, Cai ZP, et al.
Source: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS   Volume: 14   Issue: 5   Pages: 489-491   Published: MAY 2010 
Times Cited: 1  
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Author(s): Ho CYF, Ling BWK, Iu HHC
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIFURCATION AND CHAOS   Volume: 20   Issue: 5   Pages: 1415-1437   Published: MAY 2010 
Times Cited: 1
 5.Title: New Method for Early Detection of two Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Groups of Staphylococcus aureus Causing Bovine Mastitis Infection in Parana State, Brazil 
Author(s): Goncalves D, Gabriel JE, Madeira HMF, et al.
Source: BRAZILIAN ARCHIVES OF BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY   Volume: 53   Issue: 2   Pages: 353-360   Published: MAR-APR 2010 
Times Cited: 1 
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 6.Title: Random Early Detection for Congestion Avoidance in Wired Networks: A Discretized Pursuit Learning-Automata-Like Solution 
Author(s): Misra S, Oommen BJ, Yanamandra S, et al.
Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN AND CYBERNETICS PART B-CYBERNETICS   Volume: 40   Issue: 1   Pages: 66-76   Published: FEB 2010 
Times Cited: 2 
 7.Title: A Proof of Convergence of the B-RED and P-RED Algorithms for Random Early Detection 
Author(s): Bhatnagar S, Patro RK
Source: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS   Volume: 13   Issue: 10   Pages: 809-811   Published: OCT 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 8.Title: A stochastic dynamic controller for random early detection queues using a Kalman filter algorithm 
Author(s): Alazemi HMK, Hassan MF, Zribi M
Source: WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING   Volume: 9   Issue: 10   Pages: 1430-1441   Published: OCT 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 9.Title: Per-stream loss behavior of Sigma MAP/M/1/K queuing system with a random early detection mechanism 
Author(s): Wang YC, Tseng CL, Chu RG, et al.
Source: INFORMATION SCIENCES   Volume: 179   Issue: 22   Pages: 3893-3907   Published: NOV 7 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 10.Title: Border collision bifurcation and chaotic control of discrete feedback transmission control protocol-random early detection system 
Author(s): Yang T, Jin YH, Cheng SD
Source: ACTA PHYSICA SINICA   Volume: 58   Issue: 8   Pages: 5224-5237   Published: AUG 2009 
Times Cited: 1 
 11.Title: Early detection of prostate cancer in Germany. A study of a representative random sample of the population 
Author(s): Sieverding M, Matterne U, Ciccarello L, et al.
Source: UROLOGE   Volume: 47   Issue: 9   Pages: 1233-1238   Published: SEP 2008 
Times Cited: 3 
 12.Title: Random Early Detection method for ABR service 
Author(s): Hosamo M, Singh SP, Mohan A
Source: COMPUTERS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING   Volume: 34   Issue: 4   Pages: 290-308   Published: JUL 2008 
Times Cited: 0 
 13.Title: Robust optimization of Random Early Detection 
Author(s): Vaidya R, Bhatnagar S
Source: TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS   Volume: 33   Issue: 4   Pages: 291-316   Published: DEC 2006 
Times Cited: 2 
 14.Title: Random early detection with flow number estimation and queue length feedback control 
Author(s): Li JS, Su YS
Source: JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE   Volume: 52   Issue: 6   Pages: 359-372   Published: JUN 2006 
Times Cited: 3 
 15.Title: A modified random early detection algorithm: Fuzzy logic based approach 
Author(s): Yaghmaee MH
Source: JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS   Volume: 7   Issue: 3   Pages: 337-352   Published: SEP 2005 
Times Cited: 1 
 16.Title: Stochastic modelling of random early detection based congestion control mechanism for bursty and correlated traffic 
Author(s): Guan L, Awan IU, Woodward ME
Conference Information: 20th Annual UK Performance Engineering Workshop (UKPEW), JUL 07-08, 2004 Univ Bradford, Bradford, ENGLAND
Source: IEE PROCEEDINGS-SOFTWARE   Volume: 151   Issue: 5   Pages: 240-247   Published: OCT 2004 
Times Cited: 0 
 17.Title: Drop behaviour of random early detection with discrete-time batch Markovian arrival process 
Author(s): Wang YC, Jiang JA, Chu RG
Source: IEE PROCEEDINGS-COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 151   Issue: 4   Pages: 329-336   Published: AUG 2004 
Times Cited: 2 
 18.Title: Fiber delay line-random early detection QoS scheme for Optical Burst Switching networks 
Author(s): Li HL, Liak TW, Ian LJT, et al.
Conference Information: 7th IEEE International Conference on High Speech Networks and Multimedia Communications, JUN 30-JUL 02, 2004 Toulouse, FRANCE
Times Cited: 0 
 19.Title: Random early detection assisted layered multicast 
Author(s): Gan YS, Tham CK
Conference Information: 5th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services, OCT 06-09, 2002 Santa Barbara, CA
Source: MANAGEMENT OF MULTIMEDIA ON THE INTERNET  Book Series: LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE   Volume: 2496   Pages: 341-353   Published:2002 
Times Cited: 1 
 20.Title: A comprehensive performance analysis of random early detection mechanism 
Author(s): Trinh TA, Molnar S
Source: TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS   Volume: 25   Issue: 1-2   Pages: 9-31   Published: JAN-FEB 2004 
Times Cited: 6 
 21.Title: Loss information of random early detection mechanism 
Author(s): Wang YC
Source: IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: E86B   Issue: 2   Pages: 699-708   Published: FEB 2003 
Times Cited: 3 
 22.Title: Modeling random early detection in a differentiated services network 
Author(s): Abouzeid AA, Roy S
Conference Information: IEEE Global Communications Conference, NOV, 2000 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA
Times Cited: 5 
 23.Title: Performance analysis of the random early detection algorithm 
Author(s): Sharma V, Virtamo J, Lassila P
Source: PROBABILITY IN THE ENGINEERING AND INFORMATIONAL SCIENCES   Volume: 16   Issue: 3   Pages: 367-388   Published: 2002 
Times Cited: 5 
 24.Title: DRED: a random early detection algorithm for TCP/IP networks 
Author(s): Aweya J, Ouellette M, Montuno DY
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS   Volume: 15   Issue: 4   Pages: 287-307   Published: MAY 2002 
Times Cited: 5 
 25.Title: Applying delay random early detection to IP gateways 
Author(s): Pippas JB, Venieris IS
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 24   Issue: 14   Pages: 1370-1379   Published: SEP 15 2001 
Times Cited: 0 
 26.Title: An optimization-oriented view of random early detection 
Author(s): Aweya J, Ouellette M, Montuno DY
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 24   Issue: 12   Pages: 1170-1187   Published: JUL 15 2001 
Times Cited: 10 
 27.Title: FRED - fair random early detection algorithm for TCP over ATM networks 
Author(s): Kim WJ, Lee BG
Source: ELECTRONICS LETTERS   Volume: 34   Issue: 2   Pages: 152-154   Published: JAN 22 1998 
Times Cited: 2