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Recent Publications in Active Queue Management (AQM) schemes

posted May 31, 2011, 1:23 AM by Changwang ZHANG   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 5:40 AM ]
Download the AQM&DoS Simulation Platform - a NS2 based experimental platform for DoS attacks (Distributed DoS, Spoofing DoS, Low-rate DoS, etc.) and AQM schemes (RED, RRED, SFB, etc.). 

 1.Title: FQL-RED: an adaptive scalable schema for active queue management 
Author(s): Masoumzadeh SS, Meshgi K, Ghidari SS, et al.
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NETWORK MANAGEMENT   Volume: 21   Issue: 2   Pages: 147-167   Published: MAR-APR 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 2.Title: Statistical approach for congestion control in gateway routers 
Author(s): Barrera ID, Arce GR, Bohacek S
Source: COMPUTER NETWORKS   Volume: 55   Issue: 3   Pages: 572-582   Published: FEB 21 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 3.Title: Design of parameter tunable robust controller for active queue management based on H-infinity theory 
Author(s): Yu L, Ma MD, Hu WD, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF NETWORK AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS   Volume: 34   Issue: 2   Pages: 750-764   Published: MAR 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 4.Title: On the design of load factor based congestion control protocols for next-generation networks 
Author(s): Qazi IA, Znati T
Source: COMPUTER NETWORKS   Volume: 55   Issue: 1   Pages: 45-60   Published: JAN 7 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 5.Title: An Interval-based Congestion Control Algorithm under Varying Network Conditions 
Author(s): Liu Z, Zhang Y, Wang YN
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL AUTOMATION AND SYSTEMS   Volume: 9   Issue: 1   Pages: 98-103   Published: FEB 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 6.Title: Managing Internet routers congested links with a Kohonen-RED queue 
Author(s): Lochin E, Talavera B
Source: ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   Volume: 24   Issue: 1   Pages: 77-86   Published: FEB 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 7.Title: On the delay and link utilization with the new-additive increase multiplicative decrease congestion avoidance and control algorithm 
Author(s): Jasem HN, Zukarnain ZA, Othman M, et al.
Source: SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND ESSAYS   Volume: 5   Issue: 23   Pages: 3719-3729   Published: DEC 4 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 8.Title: Diffserv AQM algorithm for edge and core routers 
Author(s): Xiao Y, Lu LY, Kim K
Source: JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS   Volume: 21   Issue: 6   Pages: 1033-1040   Published: DEC 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 9.Title: Promoting effective service differentiation with Size-oriented Queue Management 
Author(s): Dimitriou S, Tsaoussidis V
Source: COMPUTER NETWORKS   Volume: 54   Issue: 18   Pages: 3360-3372   Published: DEC 20 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 10.Title: Stochastic observability in network state estimation and control 
Author(s): Liu AR, Bitmead RR
Source: AUTOMATICA   Volume: 47   Issue: 1   Pages: 65-78   Published: JAN 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 11.Title: Selective packet dropping for VoIP and TCP flows 
Author(s): Alvarez-Flores EP, Ramos-Munoz JJ, Ameigeiras P, et al.
Source: TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS   Volume: 46   Issue: 1   Pages: 1-16   Published: JAN 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 12.Title: Self-Tuning Random Early Detection Algorithm to Improve Performance of Network Transmission 
Author(s): Chen JY, Hu CY, Ji Z
Source: MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING Article Number: 872347   Published: 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 13.Title: Effective adaptive virtual queue: a stabilising active queue management algorithm for improving responsiveness and robustness 
Author(s): Wang H, Liao C, Tian Z
Source: IET COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 5   Issue: 1   Pages: 99-109   Published: JAN 4 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 14.Title: Design of a robust digital controller for congestion control in Internet 
Author(s): Sall C, El Alaoui EC, Doubabi S, et al.
Source: SIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORY   Volume: 19   Issue: 1   Pages: 301-313   Published: JAN 2011 
Times Cited: 0 
 15.Title: Robust 2-DoF PID control for Congestion control of TCP/IP Networks 
Author(s): Vilanova R, Alfaro VM
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS COMMUNICATIONS & CONTROL   Volume: 5   Issue: 5   Pages: 968-975   Published: DEC 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 16.Title: Dimensioning Drop-tail and AQM (RED) buffers at access networks for optimal performance with bulk data TCP traffic 
Author(s): Avramova Z, De Vleeschauwer D, Wittevrongel S, et al.
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 33   Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI Suppl. 1   Pages: S58-S70   Supplement: Sp. Iss. SI Suppl. 1   Published: NOV 15 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 17.Title: Analysis, Simulation, and Implementation of VCP: A Wireless Profiling 
Author(s): Li XL, Yousefi'zadeh H
Source: IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING   Volume: 18   Issue: 5   Pages: 1345-1358   Published: OCT 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 18.Title: Parameter Conditions for TCP/AQM Routers Based on 2-D s-z Domain Stability Analysis 
Author(s): Mao PX, Xiao Y, Kim K
Source: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS   Volume: 14   Issue: 9   Pages: 869-871   Published: SEP 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 19.Title: Tight Upper Bound for Stability of TCP/RED Systems in AQM Routers 
Author(s): Woo S, Kim K
Source: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS   Volume: 14   Issue: 7   Pages: 682-684   Published: JUL 2010 
Times Cited: 1 
 20.Title: MCHOKeM algorithm with assured bandwidth allocation in DiffServ networks 
Author(s): Du HF, Xiao Y, Kim K
Source: JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS   Volume: 21   Issue: 4   Pages: 531-536   Published: AUG 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 21.Title: Queue Stability Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a TCP-Compliant Window Management Mechanism 
Author(s): Barbera M, Lombardo A, Panarello C, et al.
Source: IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING   Volume: 18   Issue: 4   Pages: 1275-1288   Published: AUG 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 22.Title: An Improved ARED Algorithm for Congestion Control of Network Transmission 
Author(s): Chen JY, Hu CY, Ji Z
Source: MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING Article Number: 329035   Published: 2010 
Times Cited: 3 
Author(s): Lee HT, Lian FL, Fong TC
Source: JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS   Volume: 33   Issue: 3   Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI   Pages: 489-494   Published: APR 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 24.Title: Trading link utilization for queueing delays: An adaptive approach 
Author(s): Stanojevic R, Shorten R
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 33   Issue: 9   Pages: 1108-1121   Published: JUN 1 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 25.Title: RRED: Robust RED Algorithm to Counter Low-Rate Denial-of-Service Attacks [PDF]
Author(s): Zhang CW, Yin JP, Cai ZP, et al.
Source: IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS   Volume: 14   Issue: 5   Pages: 489-491   Published: MAY 2010 
Times Cited: 1  
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 26.Title: A novel self-tuning feedback controller for active queue management supporting TCP flows 
Author(s): Xiong NX, Vasilakos AV, Yang LT, et al.
Source: INFORMATION SCIENCES   Volume: 180   Issue: 11   Pages: 2249-2263   Published: JUN 1 2010 
Times Cited: 1 
 27.Title: Fast convergence to network fairness 
Author(s): Tsioliaridou A, Tsaoussidis V
Source: JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE   Volume: 83   Issue: 5   Pages: 745-762   Published: MAY 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 28.Title: Linear matrix inequality-based novel stability criteria of the primal-dual algorithm with heterogeneous communication delays 
Author(s): Guo S, Dang C, Liao X, et al.
Source: IET CONTROL THEORY AND APPLICATIONS   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Pages: 461-471   Published: MAR 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 29.Title: Congestion Control of Differentiated Service Network 
Author(s): Xiao Y, Kim K
Source: CHINESE JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS   Volume: 19   Issue: 1   Pages: 113-118   Published: JAN 2010 
Times Cited: 2 
 30.Title: Statistical Detection of Congestion in Routers 
Author(s): Barrera ID, Bohacek S, Arce GR
Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING   Volume: 58   Issue: 3   Pages: 957-968   Part: Part 1   Published: MAR 2010 
Times Cited: 1 
 31.Title: Implementation of MPC as an AQM controller 
Author(s): Marami B, Haeri M
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 33   Issue: 2   Pages: 227-239   Published: FEB 15 2010 
Times Cited: 0 
 32.Title: Hopf bifurcation and oscillations in a communication network with heterogeneous delays 
Author(s): Yin HB, Wang P, Alpcan T, et al.
Source: AUTOMATICA   Volume: 45   Issue: 10   Pages: 2358-2367   Published: OCT 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 33.Title: A New Class-Based Traffic Queue Management Algorithm in the Internet 
Author(s): Zhu Y
Source: KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Pages: 575-596   Published: DEC 30 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 34.Title: A Robust Discrete-Time Controller for delay sensitive applications 
Author(s): Ardestani MA, Beheshti MTH
Source: IEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS   Volume: 6   Issue: 22   Pages: 1548-1555   Published: NOV 25 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 35.Title: Computing non-fragile PI controllers for delay models of TCP/AQM networks 
Author(s): Melchor-Aguilar D, Niculescu SI
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL   Volume: 82   Issue: 12   Pages: 2249-2259   Published: 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
Author(s): Sopauskiene D, Jasineviciene D
Source: LITHUANIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS   Volume: 49   Issue: 3   Pages: 323-334   Published: 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 37.Title: A stochastic dynamic controller for random early detection queues using a Kalman filter algorithm 
Author(s): Alazemi HMK, Hassan MF, Zribi M
Source: WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING   Volume: 9   Issue: 10   Pages: 1430-1441   Published: OCT 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 38.Title: The mechanism of adapting RED parameters to TCP traffic 
Author(s): Chen W, Yang SH
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 32   Issue: 13-14   Pages: 1525-1530   Published: AUG 17 2009 
Times Cited: 3 
Author(s): Wang DZ, Wu SJ, Okubo S
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE   Volume: 19   Issue: 2   Pages: 247-254   Published: JUN 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 40.Title: Design and analysis of a self-tuning feedback controller for the Internet 
Author(s): Xiong NX, Pan Y, Jia XH, et al.
Source: COMPUTER NETWORKS   Volume: 53   Issue: 11   Pages: 1784-1797   Published: JUL 28 2009 
Times Cited: 2 
 41.Title: Precedence-enabled per-hop behaviour: impact on TCP and UDP flows 
Author(s): Cole RG
Source: IET COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Pages: 920-932   Published: JUN 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 42.Title: Active queue management controller design for TCP communication networks: Variable structure control approach 
Author(s): Chen CK, Liao TL, Yan JJ
Source: CHAOS SOLITONS & FRACTALS   Volume: 40   Issue: 1   Pages: 277-285   Published: APR 15 2009 
Times Cited: 2 
 43.Title: Quality of service for voice over IP in networks with congestion avoidance 
Author(s): Reguera VA, Fernandez EMG, Paliza FA, et al.
Source: ANNALES DES TELECOMMUNICATIONS-ANNALS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 64   Issue: 3-4   Pages: 225-237   Published: APR 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
Author(s): Abbasov B, Korukoglu S
Source: MATHEMATICAL & COMPUTATIONAL APPLICATIONS   Volume: 14   Issue: 1   Pages: 65-72   Published: APR 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 45.Title: Fuzzy explicit marking: A unified congestion controller for Best-Effort and Diff-Serv networks 
Author(s): Chrysostomou C, Pitsillides A, Sekercioglu YA
Source: COMPUTER NETWORKS   Volume: 53   Issue: 5   Pages: 650-667   Published: APR 9 2009 
Times Cited: 3 
 46.Title: An H-infinity approach to the controller design of AQM routers supporting TCP flows 
Author(s): Zheng F, Nelson J
Source: AUTOMATICA   Volume: 45   Issue: 3   Pages: 757-763   Published: MAR 2009 
Times Cited: 2 
 47.Title: A probabilistic constrained nonlinear optimization framework to optimize RED parameters 
Author(s): Patro RK, Bhatnagar S
Source: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION   Volume: 66   Issue: 2   Pages: 81-104   Published: FEB 2009 
Times Cited: 2 
 48.Title: Fairness Guarantees in a Neural Network Adaptive Congestion Control Framework 
Author(s): Houmkozlis CN, Rovithakis GA
Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS   Volume: 20   Issue: 3   Pages: 527-533   Published: MAR 2009 
Times Cited: 0 
 49.Title: Design, validation and experimental testing of a robust AQM control 
Author(s): Manfredi S, di Bernardo M, Garofalo F
Source: CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE   Volume: 17   Issue: 3   Pages: 394-407   Published: MAR 2009 
Times Cited: 2 
 50.Title: Adaptive Head-to-Tail: Active Queue Management based on implicit congestion signals 
Author(s): Dimitriou S, Tsaoussidis V
Source: COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 32   Issue: 2   Pages: 246-256   Published: FEB 12 2009 
Times Cited: 1