Referee Information

To All Referees,

The detailed  clinic schedule can be found at the -

 Please check the website the week  before the clinic to confirm the dates, times and locations.


After completing the referee clinic - to get assigned to Camas-Washougal Recreational games, please email our referee assignor at

  Each soccer team (U9 and up) should provide a referee candidate to the club’s referee pool. This person should be at least 12 yrs old and up to adult. The Referee Scheduler will draw from the Pool to provide a referee for all home games beginning at U9. Teams who have provided a referee to the pool will be scheduled first. We are flexible when scheduling a referee’s time so that it will not be in conflict with their child’s matches or any other commitment that may exist. No ref shall work a game in which his/her child plays. This is a great way for kids to earn spending money or help pay for their soccer fees. Here’s the CWSC pay schedule for a certified referee:

Age Level

Center Referee

Assistant Referee (Lines)













Need a form to submit for payment? Go to the Forms Area of the website.

Scheduling, training and performance of referees should be directed to the Referee Coordinator. The Referee Coordinator also represents the CWSC in the Judicial process where penalties for Red and Yellow Cards and other infractions are administered.


Referee Grades and Ages







12 & Up

U6-U13, C or AR


Entry, R2

15 & Up

U6-U19, C or AR     (Adult, Select, Prem., County)


Entry, R1

18 & Up

U6-U19, C or AR     (Adult, Select, Prem., County)  

Referee age: A youth referee may be admitted to a class other than for the age brackets listed, due mainly to their experience, maturity and comprehension.


Referee Clinics
(Check CSRA website for clinic details, dates & times)

Becoming a Referee
To become a Referee you need to first decide what level of games and assignments you will be doing for the next year or so, how much time you want to commit to the training and how much money you want to spend becoming a referee. So an Adult might be interested in doing Adult games as well as Youth games, while it is likely that young referees would only be interested in doing Youth games. As such the starting point for the Adult would be a Referee Grade 8 and would be interested in taking the 16 hour (5 Session) Entry Level Course. A young referee may only want to do Recreational Under 14 games for the first year or so and would be interested in becoming a Grade 9, which is a 10 hour Entry Level Course. This course was written for 11 and 12 year olds.

Once you determine what level review the
list of clinics supporting that level. (Grade has nothing to do with school grade)  After finding one that works for you, contact the sponsor of that clinic to register to attend.

Recreational Referee Grade 9

If you are interested in doing under 14 ONLY, then this grade is for you.    Requires annual recertification.
Grade 9 is relatively new to USSF. It is intended to introduce new referees to the game with a minimum amount of commitment to training and with a minimum amount of cost. But at the same time affording the new referee with the full support of the USSF.

Referee Grade 8

If you are interested in all levels of
Youth play, both centering and lining, and recreational Adult play, then this grade is for you.    Requires annual recertification.  Referee Grade 8 is the "traditional" starting point for most referees, but the class is a 16 hour clinic and the cost is slightly more. However, most referees in the State of Washington are Grade 8 referees, because this opens the most opportunity. Because of this, most Entry Level Clinics are for Grade 8.