Field Information

2012 Field Lining Information and Instructions

Rec Fall Field Locations

For directions to fields NOT in Camas/Washougal, please visit the CYSF website.

OR - NON Camas- Washougal Field Locations

Fields By Venue Name

Mini Fields  - for practice and games

All Fields are at Doc Harris "F" Field at the corner of Ione St and 19th Ave in Camas.  Adjacent to Doc Harris Stadium


(CWFL4 On Map)(Directions/Maps)

Mini #1U5-U7
Mini #2U5-U7
Mini #3U5-U7
Mini #4U5-U7
Mini #5U5-U7
Mini #6U5-U7

Angelo Park (Directions/Maps)

CW122U12 Up

Camas High School (Cardon) (Directions/Maps)

CWFL3 U12 Up

Skyridge Middle School (Directions/Map)
CW092    U9

Danielson (Directions/Maps)

CW083     U8   
CW084 U8         
CW093              U9
CWFL8            U12 Up            

Doc Harris (Directions/Maps)

CWFL1 U12 Up  Turf
CWFL2 U12 Up Field E
CW121   U12/13 Field G
CWFL4 U5-U7 or U12up   
CW081  U8                   
CW082   U8

Dorothy Fox (Directions/Maps)

CW103 U10     

Goot Park (Directions/Maps)

CW111 U11     

JDZ Elementary School (Directions/Maps)


Helen Baller Elem School (Directions/Maps)

Pendleton (Slayton Field)

CWFL7 U12 Up

Prune Hill (Directions/Maps)

CW112 U11     

Washougal High School (Fishback) (Directions/Maps)

CWFL5 U12 Up 

Fields By Field Name

Click field name for Directions/Map                                           
Mini#1-6 Doc Harris F U5-U7 Grass
CW081 Doc Harris C U8 Grass
CW082 Doc Harris C U8 Grass
CW083 Danielson U8 Grass
CW084 Danielson U8 Grass
CW091 Skyridge U9 Grass
CW092 Skyridge U9 Grass
CW093 Prunehill U9 Grass
CW094Danielson U9Grass
CW101JDZ U10 Grass
CW102 JDZ U10 Grass
CW103 Dorothy Fox U10Grass
CW111 Goot Park U11 Grass
CW112 Prunehill U11 Grass
CW113 JDZ North U11 Grass
CWFL6 Angelo Park U12 Up Grass
CW122 Cardon U12 Up Grass
CWFL1 Doc Harris U12 Up Turf
CWFL2 Doc Harris U12 Up Grass
CWFL3 Cardon U12 Up Turf
CW121 Doc Harris U12 Up Grass
CWFL5 Fishback U12 Up Turf
CWFL7 Pendleton U12 Up Grass
CWFL8 Danielson U12 Up Grass