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Scholarship Guidelines

We are pleased to outline our Scholarship Policy and procedures on behalf of Camas-Washougal Soccer Club and the Washington Soccer Academy.  We realize that this is a sensitive subject and we are committed to maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. We are committed is to assist every qualified player who needs financial help and asks for it.

Here you will find the steps and guidelines to request a Scholarship.  As you know, we are a non-profit organization which means that we raise just enough money to operate and sustain our Club.  Scholarship monies come primarily from our Donations and Fundraisers.  We have been fortunate enough to provide fee assistance to multiple players each year, and this year should be no different. We have a limited budget that is dedicated to partial and full scholarships.

These scholarships are awarded strictly on need and a player’s family’s volunteer efforts with the club are taken into consideration when scholarship money is distributed.

Once awarded, those families that receive a scholarship are expected to donate the required amount of volunteer time as determined by the club. Helping to coach a team or participating in team sponsored activities are encouraged and welcome but do not satisfy this requirement.

 The following are some of the tasks that need to be done throughout the season, and which qualify as volunteer work:

  • Field lining
  • Field set up - goals and flags
  • Goal maintenance - painting goal posts and fixing nets
  • Tournaments - many volunteer opportunities including;
  • Field clean up
  • Others as they come up

Step 1.  Register for the online for the season but choose payment type "pay by check."  This will get your player in our system in a 'pending' status and we can then apply the scholarship once granted.

Step 2. Fill in the scholarship request form below.  Please give a week or so for a response.  You can Contact the Scholarship committee at 

Serving on the Scholarship Committee are Scott Ouchi, Josh Muri and Debbi Lessard.

2012 CWSA Scholarship Request

3. Scholarships awarded will be in the following amount:

Recreational Soccer:  We have a flat dollar amount line item in our budget.  At the end of July, we will look at all scholarship requests and then from those we approve, we will share the flat dollar amount equally.  Requests coming in after July 31st may not receive the same benefit and may be subject to late registration fee. 

4. Criteria for a Scholarship include:

 a.   Qualifies for the WA State Free Lunch Program.  Simply verify that you participate in this State Program.  


 b.  A hardship that might include, a job layoff, multiple children in our Club, a personal long-term disability that keeps you off of work, etc.  Simply summarize your hardship as concisely as possible.  Again, this information will remain confidential.


5. Soccer playing ability will not be considered in the application process.

6. We will accept applications through June 30th for WSA select and premier players and Aug. 1 for recreational players.

7. The committee will consider each applicant fairly and quickly and will respond in kind.  We hope to make this an easy process.

Finally, let us say that we desire to help every player compete in soccer.  Whether that is through coaching, the team experience or through financial means, we hope every player in our Club grows a little each year.

This is not a perfect process, but it is one that we hope to refine and improve upon continuously.

Thank you very much. 

The CWSC Scholarship Committee