Rabbits are a high-stress species, and when approached, they will either sit still, hoping to not be seen, or bolt and run off at a rapid speed. They are prey for many animals, including hawks, owls, foxes, and coyotes, so being on high alert, is necessary for survival.

As a primary source of food for many wildlife species, mother rabbits can have several litters (average 2-10 kits per litter), during spring and summer. Young rabbits are out of the nest and on their own within three weeks of being born, and they are only the size of a furry tennis ball!

Nursing mother rabbits only visit the nest twice a day (dawn & dusk) to avoid attracting predators. Like fawns, baby rabbits do not have a scent, which helps to protect them as they grow.

A rabbit’s favorite diet includes weeds like dandelions, clover, plantains and other wild greens and flowers.
(smaller than a tennis ball)

(injured or sick)