Be a Guardian of Goodness
and Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator

WHAT is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

It is the care of injured, sick or orphaned wildlife by trained state-appointed volunteers with the goal of releasing that wildlife back into the wild. 

WHO can Rehabilitate Wildlife?

In the state of Connecticut, only those possessing a state custodial permit are allowed to temporarily keep recuperating animals. An additional federal permit is required to rehabilitate most wild birds.

    HOW to Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator

    Submit a completed application form to the CT State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Wildlife Division.

    Volunteer with a state-appointed rehabilitator for a minimum of 40 hours.

    Complete and submit a Wildlife Rehabilitation Statement of Apprenticeship form. The Apprenticeship form is signed by the applicant and the sponsor, to account for the hours the applicant has spent with the state-appointed rehabilitator. 

    Obtain a statement of veterinary support which affirms that you have a veterinarian willing to advise and assist you and submit it with your completed application*.
    1. Attend the DEEP and CWRA training class.
    2. Pass the DEEP certification exam.

    Although appointed by the state, the rehabilitator's efforts are fully voluntary. Rehabilitators are neither paid nor reimbursed for their expenses or time. Donations may be accepted, however.

    *Subject to additional requirements. Consult the DEEP regarding current requirements and policies.