What We Do (CWRA)

  • Teach rehabilitation skills to members and prospective permittees through regular seminars and workshops
  • Partner with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection  in developing rehabilitator certification exams
  • Educate the public and the media about coexisting with wildlife and helping them resolve distressed and nuisance wildlife problems 
  • Manage a wildlife hotline to assist the community with wildlife issues
  • Inform members about issues affecting rehabilitators and wildlife

Support What We Do

Our licensed volunteers have regular jobs and pay out-of-pocket for most (if not all) expenses related to wildlife rescue. Help us by supporting the local rehabilitator that assists you.

Join us on November 18th at Sessions Woods, 341 Milford St, Burlington, CT (read more)

Become part of our growing network of state-appointed volunteers who help injured and orphaned wildlife. Having a state license is not necessary. Membership is open to everyone; individuals and organizations are encouraged to join.