Zhuwei Elementary School's History

August 1951 The school was established as a branch school of Pingding Elementary School
August 1961 The school was officially established and named after Zhuwei School
August 1962 Futeh Branch School located in Futeh school area was set up.
September 1968 The school was renamed officially as Zhuwei Elementary School
August 1983 The Futeh Branch was renamed officially as Tzechiang Branch School
August 1996 The construction of school’s new building was completed with an inauguration ceremony
August 1997 The school was authorized to make Zhuwei Kindergarten an affiliated unit to this school
December 2002 The school celebrated her 50th anniversary
September 2003, the school was awarded as a friendly English environment by the Executive Yuan.
September 2008, the school was appointed as a school with English teaching specialty by the Common Wealth Magazine.
March 2009 the construction of the school’s new building named ‘觀山樓’ was completed.
September 2010, the construction of the school’s gymnasium was completed

Principals of Zhuwei Elementary School in service terms

Principal's Name 
Chang, Jin-Tu   
Liu, Shih-Jun     
Lee, Shue-Lan     
Liu, Cheng-Chiao 
Chen, Shun-Cheng  
Wong, Wen-Chi   
Hu, Howard   
Service Term
August, 1961~September 1975
September, 1975~August, 1985
August, 1985~August, 1990
August, 1990~August, 1997
August, 1997~August, 2002
August, 2002~July, 2008
August, 2008~


Zhuwei's Goal

1. 淨 Keep Tidy - 潔淨 Purity
To cultivate Zhuwei kids with the ability to maintain a clean and tidy learning environment in which all Zhuwei members including children and teachers enjoy happily learning and teaching together.

2. 靜 Keep Quiet - 和諧 Harmony
To enhance Zhuwei campus a place where everybody can devote their thinking and learning effectively in a quiet atmosphere whenever necessary.

3. 敬 Keep Manners - 尊重 Respect
To teach Zhuwei kids the importance of keeping every respect to teachers and parents and even among peers. We wish our kids to progress along with the development of good virtues at all time.

4. 勁 Keep Going - 創新 Innovation
To facilitate every Zhuwei kid the power of learning in every activity. To keep going not only in academic field but also in physical education, and maintain an everlasting energy to explore the unlimited universe.

Our Ideas

1. Every teacher is earnest and responsible.
2. Every student is law-abiding.
3. All classrooms are undamaged.
4. Every classroom is well equipped with facility.
5. Every place is clean and and neat on campus.
6. Every activity is outstanding at a given time.
7. Each Zhuwei member is united and harmonious.
8. Every parent respects and supports our policies.
9. Every policy is effective and efficient.
10. Every corner is green and alive.

Our Policies:

1. To administer normal education to upgrade learning effect of student
2. To emphasize research and development to improve the teaching method of every subject.
3. To extend reading guidance; to enlarge the range of children's knowledge.
4. To stress on beautifying and bilingual learning circumstance; to offer a comfortable learning environment.
5. To enrich in teaching facilities, to increase learning interest of students.
6. To preserve children's safety; to cultivate and grow healthy, active children.
7. To frequently hold literary and artistic activities; to improve physical and mental development.
8. To emphasize scientific education; to educate the attitude of true virtues.
9. To enforce native culture; to edify children's traditional morality.
10. To encourage teacher's advanced study, to enhance professional education technology.