I am Professor of Economics and Director of the Behavioural Science Centre in the University of Stirling Management School.

I specialise in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, especially self-control and cooperation. Recent work focuses on the cognitive foundations of altruism and the development of cooperative preferences in children. I am also interested in experimental methods and participate in replication projects and meta-analyses.

In addition, I am working on how best to apply Behavioural Economics to policy and business through the design of behavioural interventions, primarily in the areas of health and environment.

I teach two courses on our MSc Behavioural Science for Management. Behavioural Economics I: Concepts and Theories provides a graduate introduction to Behavioural Economics, its core areas and intersections between Economics and Psychology. Behavioural Economics II: Business and Policy Applications focuses on the design of behavioural interventions and organisational engagement.

I have provided consultancy and advise for several private and public bodies in both Scandinavia and the UK, and now lead the Business and Policy engagement initiative and the Policy Training Academy at the Behavioural Science Centre. I am currently a member of the Scottish Biodiversity Programme advisory group and the National Litter Strategy working group of the Scottish Government. A copy of my CV is available here.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, either with us at the Centre or through an Industry partnership, please contact me directly.