"Last school year I was a student of Mr. William’s BUSIM class.  He was an outstanding teacher and was different from most teachers.  He would present himself in front of the class to tell us our assignments. If it were a new concept to us, he’d explain how to perform the assignment and teach us the techniques that we needed to know to complete it. After that, he would step aside, and let us work independently at our assigned computers.  He would keep it simple, get straight to the point, and would later help us on a one on one basis if we still needed assistance.   I really enjoyed this teaching style because it wasn’t boring and fit my learning capability...I was able to do my assignments at my own pace. However, that wasn’t the only reason I particularly enjoyed his class.  It also extremely helped me with Microsoft.  Before I had thought I knew everything to know about Microsoft, but I was very wrong.  Mr. Williams taught me features and techniques that I honestly didn’t even know were possible.  I expected his class to be a repeat of things I already knew. However, I am glad to say that I was mistaken.  It exceeded my expectations.  I especially enjoyed the out of the box projects he had us do such as make a comic book story using PowerPoint.  We had to have so many pictures, motion paths, text, shapes, slides, sound effects, and more.  Not to mention, the creativity that was needed to make a story line for it. Most classes don’t give you the opportunity to do projects that are solely based on your creativeness.  These are all reasons why I was more than satisfied with Mr. William’s class and would absolutely recommend that all students take his class regardless of it being mandatory or not." 
-Britny R. Spencer Class of 2012 (BUSIMI)

“Being in Mr. Williams’ class has been so rewarding. His teaching techniques are so easy to understand and everyday I learned something new. On the first day of school I was pretty clueless about Microsoft Office, but now I can do things that I never thought were possible. Learning about Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel was challenging at times but Mr. Williams made learning fun and simple especially through his class website where we could easily access our assignments and tests. We also learned a lot about computers in general which was always interesting. I would definitely recommend this class to every high school student. Everything that Mr. Williams teaches can definitely come in handy in anyone’s future.”

 -Eleni Salazar Class of 2013 (BUSIMI)

A professor once said to me, “ Never change...You are great just the way you are.” This professor was very intelligent, had a Bachalors degree in Business Administration, and opened my eyes to the world of Microsoft. I can sincerely say that professor who sat in his desk way in the back to occupy himself with work changed my life. I remember the first day I met him like it was yesterday. Mr. Williams had introduced himself and made the whole class follow. He was a professor who got straight to business and would let you work independently. I learned the fundamentals of Microsoft. He showed me how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access. Mr. Williams took me out of my world of just using Microsoft Word. He is the kind of person that never puts you down and is there for you no matter what. Coach Williams’s class is a class you can always pass with an A. I have been getting straight A’s in his class like a piece of cake. My favorite assignment was to create a Microsoft PowerPoint of your favorite university. I loved the topic! What professor in the world would teach but at the same time make it fun? Mr. Williams had an incredible personality to go with his teachings. You would never guess at what hilarious thing he might say next. If I could go back in time and repeat my first and second semester of classes I had with Coach Williams I would definitely cherish each moment. Mr. Williams has made a huge impact in my life and if you ever have him you are just one in a million who are lucky.”            

 -Francisca Ricardo Class of 2014 (BUSIMI)

“This year has been a wonderful time in Mr. Williams’s class I have learned many knew things that I didn’t know before. At the begging of this class I thought it was going to be piece of pie but as the year went on I learned knew things about how Microsoft works. One of the things I especially enjoyed in this class was learning how to make our assignments stand out and not have it be so boring all of the time, to bring excitement into what you are doing. Mr. Williams is the type of teacher that if you don’t understand what the assignment that he is talking about he will help you into understanding what he is trying to teach you. Mr. Williams also made it easy with finding out assignments for the day or past assignments you have missed, these assignments also come with instructions that help you figure out how to do the assignment and what you will need.  I could remember the first week of school he had told us to put our hand on the computer and the majority of my fellow classmates put there hands on the screen when the correct answer was the tower, that was one thing I learned. I can certainly say that one thing I notice this year was my typing has become much better through out the year. This is a wonderful class to be in even if you don’t need this class you will learn many knew things about computers. If you think you don’t need this class take it, it might just help you in the future, you never know.”

                                                                                                -Gloria Pena Class of 2013 (BUSIMI)

“This school year I was a student in Mr. Williams BUSIM I class. At first I didn’t think there was a point in being in this class if I already knew how to use PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, but he thought me how to do new things on both Word and PowerPoint and showed me new programs like Access and Excel that I had never even used before in my life. A lot of teachers spend the whole class period telling you what the assignment is for the day and leave you very little time to start it let alone finish it, but in Mr. Williams class he would always have the assignment on the board when you walked it and if it was a new assignment that we didn’t know how to do he would explain it and not lecture on the whole class. If any one would need additional help you could call him over and he will explain it to you one on one while other teachers try to explain it to every one if one person doesn’t get it. His class showed me how to do a resume and increased my vocabulary because he would have a focus for us that would give the word of the day and you would have to write a sentence using that word. He let us use our creativity when we would do power points on the things we liked.  This class is a great class to take if you like to add your own spin into assignments and get creative. And plus it’s a mandatory class so it’s like getting 2 birds with one stone. Get the credit you need for this class while still having fun in it.”   

-Joshua Calamaco Class of 2013 (BUSIMI) 

“As one of the few seniors in BUSIM, I could not have asked for a better or more enjoyable course to finish my last year in high school. Mr. Williams was not only a great teacher, who took his profession serious; he was also an easy going and super fun person. I’m extremely glad, I took BUSIM this year; I could never have imaged a better teacher suitable for the job but Mr. Williams. BUSIM has taught me many things I never imagined possible with the different Microsoft programs.   Mr. Williams took a generally boring course and made it enjoyable for all students, far exceeding my expectations. The different projects assigned my Mr. Williams were an extremely exciting challenge, but simultaneously educated you in the different aspects of the assorted Microsoft programs. By exploring the various Microsoft programs in Mr. Williams BUSIM course, I have broadened my understanding of the different components of the programs, in a fun and easy to learn way. Without a doubt, all my knowledge taken from BUSIM will be put to use in the near future, as I go off to college.  Overall, BUSIM was a fun, challenging, all around pleasurable course. Unquestionably, BUSIM was one of the one of my favorite courses of all time.”

                                                                                                                                -Maranda Tinajero Class of 2012 (BUSIMI)

“Mr. Williams’ BUSIM class is a unique class to say the least. From the teacher himself to the different assignments, his class is quite one of its kind. Although, it may just sound like another typical and boring “computer” class, this is definitely not the case. Mr. Williams is HIGHLY knowledgeable on the subject that he teaches and he shares his knowledge with his students. From learning how to craft a PowerPoint Presentation to being able to compose a professional resume, his projects prepare us for the future and our forthcoming careers, from if you plan on being anything from an accountant to a sports marketer. His class involves self discovery and teaches his student how to develop and effectively brandish their creative abilities. As technologically knowledgeable as I am, even I learned a vast array of new “computer tricks” that will further enhance and aid me in my life. His teaching methods allow the young stimulating minds, brimming with innovative ideas, to be in an environment where they can focus their thoughts and talents. In a technological changing world, Mr. Williams’ class prepares the student’s for the new generation ahead of us by making his students “technology-savvy.” All I can say is if you haven’t signed up for his class already, then you need to put it on your schedule.”

-Ryan Williams Class of 2012 (BUSIMI)

"This school year I took a class (BUSIMI) that to my prospects was going to be easy.   To my knowledge I assumed that this particular class was going to be a reminder of what I thought I had learned in Jr. High. I assumed that this class was only going to open old doors, but it opened new ones as well. It thought me new skills and showed me new ways to unfold new ideas all in a click of a mouse. Then to have a devoted educated teacher that had nothing but good intentions for his students was just a great burst of energy to actually look forward to come back the next day. Not only did Mr.Williams know how to explain the assignments to us, but he knew how to break them down to our language to where we can comprehend. Whether if he was having a good or bad day it didn’t make a difference because he would throw all his problems out the window and do all in his power to make our day better. In my opinion I advise every student whether if they have to or not, to take this class and experience all the great moments & memories that us other students have got the privilege to enjoy with Mr. Williams. It truly does make a difference and you won’t find out till you try it out for yourself."

 -Sierra A Sanchez Class of 2014 (BUSIMI)

"I always look forward in going to Mr. Williams’ class. He is an excellent teacher. His teaching methods keep the students entertained and also teach the material. He tells us what to do and how to do it and then lets us work independently. After that if we need extra assistance he helps us on a one to one basis, so he doesn’t disrupt the other students. He tries to relate with the student and put things in terms they would understand. Before I started his class I only new how to perform the basics in word or power point and I can use most of the functions available. I also learned how to use excel and access. He also makes us laugh during the class so we don’t get bored and stop paying attention. Mr. Williams is a very amazing teacher and deservers a raise.”

-Fernando Campos Class of 2014 (BUSIMI)