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Who's William Beebe?

William Beebe (1877-1962) was a famous American naturalist, author and scientist. While already somewhat famous from his fiction books about his expeditions and adventures, William Beebe became world famous in 1932 when he descended in a metal sphere called a Bathysphere, with its inventor Otis Barton. Before their dive to a half mile (3,028 feet) beneath the surface of the ocean, the previous depth was only a few feet. Beebe and Barton put their lives on the line by exploring the deep ocean in such an experimental device of their own design. While under the ocean they observed sea creatures that no one had ever seen alive. Beebe had seen many of the creatures, but in poor condition, after he had pulled them up in his nets while trawling for them off a research boat.

Not many scientists of that era danced in jazz clubs, had bitter public divorces, ventured into an active volcano or wrote popular fiction books about his scientific exploits. Many other scientists ridiculed his observations from the Bathysphere dives. They made fun of his dynamic writing and penchant for "spicing it up." Other, more contemporary scientists called Beebe the "Cousteau of their Generation" and went on to pursue careers in science. Many teachers and book reviewers claimed that his writing essays were examples of classic American literature and taught them in their classroom.
Why Did You Make This Web Site?
William Beebe was quite a character. I first read about him in a National Geographic Society book called "Into the Unknown." I was reading the chapter about Dr. Robert Ballard and turned the page to read the chapter about Beebe. Beebe's life seemed a lot more fun than Ballard's, though I still consider Ballard one of the people I most admire.

Besides searching for personal information, this web site is a humble attempt to help students with research papers about him or to illuminate his long exciting life.
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