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William Beebe – An Awed Human Being - as seen by - Madeleine Thompson

Looking Above the Ears - as seen by - Madeleine Thompson

Waters Were 'Boiling With Light' - Library of Congress Bathysphere Article by Bryan Cornell

10 of the Toughest Old-School Explorers by Popular Mechanics

Podcast about the history of deep-sea diving and the Bathysphere

Half Mile Down 1934 - The Scientist

Before Cousteau - The Huffington Post

Columbia Science Review - 80 Years Later: Beebe, Barton and the Bathysphere

Rare deep-sea squid caught on camera - Taningia-Danae Whiplash Squid

Okeanos Explorer - deep sea life identified as they are discovered!

Exploring the Deep Sea Abyss -- Podcast  Groks Science Show 2005-08-10 (August 10, 2005)
(William Beebe and Otis Barton's historic Bathysphere Dive)
William Beebe Tropical Research Station (Trinidad)
Asa Wright Nature Center
Information about the Bathysphere, Bathyscape, Alvin, etc.
Discoveries in the Deep (Chronology of deep-sea exploration)
Extreme Science, Exploring the Deep
William Beebe and the Bathysphere
Obituary Salute (PDF File) - In Memoriam: Charles William Beebe (with photos) by Lee S. Crandall
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Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration
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