CWICalc stands for Cycling and Walking Impact Calculator. This health impact model was developed to calculate the economic & health impact of cycling & walking for a given volume of physical activity, relative to car use, within a defined population in Flanders. Considered impact are air pollution, accident risk, reduced mortality & morbidity due to physical activity (PA). In addition CO2 and noise pollution can be taken into account as well as congestion. The economical impact of increased PA by cycling or walking can be weighted versus infrastructure costs or campaigns to improve PA. More info can be found under the tab Background Information. Please fill in this form and submit it. You can enter data on cycling or walking or on both of them. Remark that in the model cyclists are considered as other individuals than pedestrians. When you enter data for cycling and/or walking please fill in all the questions to prevent calculation errors

Wait a couple of seconds after submitting before reading your results on the Figures and Tables tab pages.