Welcome to my e-portfolio site! 

I have recently graduated from Moravian College with my degree in Graphic Design.

This website is strictly for showcasing a few of my most prominent works, both in print design and in web work. Because my portfolio is always changing, I have highlighted some of my best work here. I have added a link to my full portfolio website on the "portfolio" page on the left. Please travel to that page to view!

My portfolio site was a project for the Spring 2011 semester. I completely designed the site myself using HTML and CSS code in Dreamweaver. Another project for the 2011 spring semester was re-designing a Blogger blog using Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS coding. This was the first time I had coding projects to this extent, and it heightened my knowledge and broadened my perspective. Please view those pages on the left to see my work!

I appreciate you taking the time to view my e-portfolio!