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Name : 黃凱芹 Wong Oi Kan

English Name : Christopher Wong

Birthday : November 18 th 1961 ( he is an Ox )

Blood type : O

Place of Birth : Born in Hong Kong (His great grandma is a French, so he is 1/8 French ^_- )

Siblings: 2 Older brothers and 1 younger brother

Education: Graduated from " The Chinese University Of Hong Kong" , majoring in English Literature ( First, He took Art as a major, but Later during his 2nd year at CUHK, he changed his major to English Literature.)

Place of living: Canada / Hong Kong

Do you have Canadian Citizenship now? : Naturally NEW

Religion: Never baptized, but I believe God has his idea. NEW

Hobbies : Swimming, Computer Graphic and Animation, Stage Production... NEW

Favorite Brand : Of what? In fact, I am not a " brand " person. NEW

Languages : English , Chinese NEW

Favorite Foods : All except too spicy... like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai.... NEW

Dislike Foods : ah.. too hot & spicy! NEW

Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, ( Piano, not very good ) NEW

Favorite Singers : Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, Beyonce...... again, too many! NEW

Favorite Movies : Too many to list! NEW

~ Information Was Given On March 2008~

~ Beginnings ~


In 1983, he joined 香港愛護児童歌曲創作大会 ( Hong Kong Children song composing contest ) and he wrote the song <温情>( Warm Heart ) and won 3rd place. Then he composed the theme song of ATV's TV drama " 劍 仙李白", the following year in 1984, he was in charge of the " Classic show" for Radio Television Hong Kong ( RTHK) and was working part time at RTHK during his University student days.

~ Singer ~

In 1985, he graduated from University, and officially signed a contract with Hong Kong Radio. In 1986, he decided to become a singer and released his first EP "再 遇 ". His first album " Moody " was released in 1987 by Polygram records ( which is now Universal Music ) and he officially became a singer. His first album reached Platinum status. Chris also won second place ( silver prize ) at Jade solid Gold in the same year.


~ Singer - Song Writer ~

In 1989, Chris wrote lyrics for Raidas' song, " 傾 心" and he won a Jade Solid Gold, Gold Song Award, and also the Best Lyrics Award. And at CASH ( Hong Kong lyric / composition association), this song was chosen for " Best composing song " and he was recognized as a great writer as well. In 1990, He wrote and composed for many singers, such as Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Vivian chow, etc. He had acted with Andy Lau and Cherie Cheng in the movie called " Stars and Roses". He also acted in the drama " 戀愛快拍" and he had written the theme song and other songs for this drama as well. ( For acting, he also had performed in " The Banquet " which was performed by many Hong Kong stars in 1991 ), and he also won " Best DJ Award" at Hong Kong TV (香港電台. RTHK) in 1990.

After that, he released 2 more albums and then changed record companies. He signed a contract with FITTO record company, and had released the album " 傳聞", which is my favorite ( ^_^ )

In 1993, he also signed a contract with Rock records and released his first Mandarin album " 無怨無悔" and started working in Taiwan as well. However, I only saw one album though.. =p

~ Leaving Hong Kong ~

In 1995, he released his last album " 紅塵傾心故事" ( his best album ) and then canceled his contract with FITTO and immigrated to Canada with his family.

Okay, at that time I had also been busy preparing to go to school in the USA, so I couldn't catch up with much news about him, however, later I heard from Chris, that After he had moved to Canada, he never went back to Hong Kong, not even once, and he had succeeded as an interior designer. WOW! For more info. about his interior designer story, please go to " A Conversation With Chris " page.

~ Come Back~


These are from my " research", in 2002, Hong Kong singer Vivian Lai invited Chris to sing as a special guest for her retirement concert. And Chris came back to Hong Kong from Canada to perform at her show. According to Chris, it had been 7 years since he had left Hong Kong. His first plan was to stay in Hong Kong for only 2 weeks, however it was extended to 7 months. He had composed 2 new songs and released an album " Long Time No See". This album included his 2 new songs plus his best songs.

Later in the same year, he held his " Long Time No See" concert at Hong Kong coliseum and had many guest performers at his show, such as Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, and Vivian Lai, etc. A month later, he held another concert " Unforgettable Concert " and he had succeeded as well.

In 2003, He released his album " Wish You Were Here " which were all new songs.

In 2004, He held his " Fantasia 2004 Live " concert. ( See more details at the book & Concert page )

In the same year, He also released another CD " EverGreen " ( See music page for more details )

In 2005, He held a musical " White Snake, Green Snake " and he was in charge of everything, such as the script, costume design, music, etc. Photobucket For more details, please go and read the Performance page and music page.

In 2006, He held his " Music Of Love Concert " with British Colombia Chamber Orchestra in Canada.

In the same year, He held his " A Night To Remember " Concert with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. ( HKPO )

In the same year, He published his new book " 歳月星塵 ".

In 2007, his New album " Happiness " was released by World Vision Canada.

In the same year, He held his " Love ~ All The Way concert tour " in Canada.

In 2008, He held a concert with Samuel Tai " Happy New Year 台正宵&黄凱芹<新年巨献・双星情歌>佛山演唱會 " in China.  Later, he held the " Sharing Night Canada Tour " to share his experience in Mongolia trip for the World Vision Canada.  At the same time, he released album " Journey "

In 2009, he held the charity musical drama " Chasing Love " for the World Vision Canada.

In 2010, he released his album " Difference " as his 1st album of the Personal Trilogy and held " Live Well Concert " in Hong Kong.

In 2011, he released his album " Changes " as his second album of the Personal Trilogy and held Live Autograph Event in Hong Kong.  Later held USA concert with Taiwanese singer 葉璦菱.

In 2012, he released his album " Drawing { without eraser } as his 3rd album of the Personal Trilogy. On March 24th and 25th, he held his 25th Anniversary Concert in Hong Kong Coliseum.  On May 4th,13th and 19th, he will hold 25th Anniversary Concert in Canada .

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