Chris is a writer too, there are some books he had published, so check them out! ^_-

非人生活 ~ Non-human Life~ (Novel; 1988)

This is the first novel that Chris published.  The co-author is 陳少琪.

UPDATE: Believe me or not!  During this moving, I found this book finally!  I thought I lost it! Yes!

Taiwan version


Hong Kong version part 1 Hong Kong version part 2

繾綣塘西~West Side Story~ (Long Piece Novel; 1989 / 1991)

Hong Kong version released in 1989, Taiwan version in 1991. The story of this book was later performed at radio drama. And Chris also performed at this radio drama. This book was a best seller book, so that it was published a lot in H.K, they are total 3 editions, the pictures of H.K versions above are first and second editions. For reading this book in English, please click HERE

(Information from "非常感動"; Pictures from "平常心")


一對寂寞心~One Pair Of Lonely Hearts~ (傾情夜~Sharing Night~ 1990)

The left picture is second version, first version's title is "傾情夜"(right). This was written with his DJ co-worker 陳海琪. I don't have first version, so I don't know how different they are, however the title of second version is coming from their program name. And very small book. There are a few pages for 陳海琪 and most of pages and pictures are Chris. I wonder why most of pictures are so blurry. =p  For reading this book in English, please click HERE

(Picture of first Version from "平常心")

談甚麼情~Speaking Of Emotions~ (Essay; 1990)

This essay was published with his DJ co-worker 陳海琪 however, comparing to the previous one, these were published separately. Her book title is " 説甚麼愛" and Chris' book is called " 談甚麼情" . The picture is of course, Chris' book "談甚麼情 " ^_^

(Information from "非常感動", Picture from "平常心")

二人世界 (World of two) (1988 - 1990)
Photo book of Chris and Vivian Chow released from Radio Television Hong Kong, " 二人世界" was a very popular program of Chris and Vivian back then.  For reading this book in English, please click HERE

(Picture from " Vivian Chow's Place")

兩件次貨 ~Desperado~ (1991) Novel

This book was written like a movie script, so it talks about scenes, sound etc. I personally don't have this book so I don't know much details.

(Information from "非常感動", Picture from "平常心")


Hong Kong version         Taiwan version

紅塵故事 (The Best Essay) (1994)

This book was organized with couple essays and short novel.They are included 10 chapters from last book "談甚麼情", 5 chapters of essay which was included the word "子" on each titles, his short novel "如夢令" and "紐約黄昏後" writing about his vacation in New York. 7 chapters of the essay and "如夢令" were also introduced in his album " 紅塵傾心故事 ". The illustrations of this book were drawn by Chris himself.  For reading this book in English, please click HERE

(Information from " 非常感動", Pictures from "平常心")

離家出走~ Runaway ~ (Essay, first half; 2002)

~ Coming with album " Long Time No See " ~

Personally, I enjoyed his " I Love Lucy " story, because I didn't even think about it and watched that show!  For reading this book in English, please click HERE

離家出走~ Runaway ~(Essay, second half; 2003)

~ Coming with album " Wish You Were Here " ~

I was moved to tears when I read about his memories of Leslie, Danny and Roman. Indeed, they were great singers and performers.  For reading this book in English, please click HERE

離家出走~ Runaway ~(散文集)(Essay, complete Edition; 2003)

This is completed Edition of his previous essays which were released with his 2 albums

舞榭歌台 ~ 特刊連演唱會花絮VCD (2004)

(The Record and photo book of 2004 夢幻傾情 / Fantasia )

This is a photo book of " Fantasia 2004 Live " concert which was held on May 2004. It is introduced concert stage and the making of concert through the pictures. When Chris found out it won't release as concert DVD / VCD, he planned to make this photo book and VCD for his fans and his own memory.

(Information from "非常感動")

歲月星塵 ~ Stardust Years ~ (The Best of Novel and Essay; 2006)

This book was organized with couple his works, Chapter 1: His novel "繾綣塘西" (1989), Chapter 2: "紅塵故事" (1994), Chapter 3: His musical script performed in 2005 "神話音樂劇—白蛇青蛇 (White Snake, Green Snake)", Chapter 4: His completed Edition of Essay "離家出走" which is talking about his feelings of those 7 years since he had left Hong Kong and lived in Canada.

(Information from

Thank you Blue Sky, Janice and Michiyo for the pictures and information!