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Gardner-Stevenson Award

Gardner Stevenson Award
The CWA Gardner - Stevenson Award is awarded annually. The award recognizes individuals, groups or businesses that have been notably supportive of women in the sport of fly fishing, and in particular, of the Chesapeake Women Angler’s club and its efforts.  The award is presented to an individual or a group, alternating years, if possible. 

The purpose of the award is to:
•    thank the recipient(s) for his/her support;
•    spread the word about Chesapeake Women Anglers;
•    demonstrate that an individual or individuals - (i.e. Sarah Gardner and Carol Stevenson) - can have a strong impact on women and the sport of fly fishing.

Candidates considered for the award will be selected by members of the CWA Gardner-Stevenson Award Selection Committee.  The Committee Chair is the CWA Membership Chair since part of the purpose of the award is outreach to the community about women in the sport and CWA.  Other committee members include the CWA President, CWA Program and Special Events Chair, and one other CWA member. The committee selections are presented to the CWA Board of Directors at their meeting prior to the Fall Fling. The CWA Board of Directors votes to determine the CWA Gardner-Stevenson Award recipient. 

The award recipient(s) is announced and/or presented at the annual CWA Fall Fling.  An engraved award is presented.  If possible, a public presentation and ongoing public display is suggested to “spread the word” about CWA and its efforts.  

Nominations for the G-S award will be taken from the CWA membership. Any CWA member can submit a nomination for our most prestigious award. Those wishing to submit nominations should send in the name of their nominee to the president (cwaprez@gmail.com) and provide details about why the person they are nominating should receive the award. The board will review all nominations. The award recipient will be selected from the nominees submitted and presented at the fall fling as usual. 


In 2014, the award was presented to LaJan Barnes and Val Walters. 

LaJan Barnes is recognized for her service to the club as president, and for her long and ultimately successful campaign for charitable status for the club

Val Walters is recognized for her service to the club as president, and for her long and ultimately successful campaign for charitable status for the club

In 2013, the award was presented to Deby Blum, Jane Carroll, and Denise Grogan.

Deby Blum is honored for her dedication and upbeat attitude serving cheerfully and tirelessly while the Membership Chair, and for recognition as the current Website Manager. Her genuine warmth and friendly nature is a gift she has so willingly given to CWA. As the club grew, both in membership and technologically, she also stepped up to the plate to take on the website manager position, and has done an excellent job keeping CWA’s website current and interesting.

Jane Carroll is recognized for her umpteen years of dedicated service as the club Treasurer and Database Manager, and has handed the reign over to others. Jane made sure that everyone kept on budget and was successful in amassing a large treasury base (no small feat) for a small club by being diligent in her service as the CWA treasurer.

A fairly new member to the Chesapeake Women Anglers, Denise Grogan volunteered to THE most daunting positions that we have, which she likely had no idea of the ginormaty (new word) of the task; however, she stepped up nonetheless. Her gracious attitude and willingness to serve as the current treasurer is greatly appreciated.   

In 2012, the award was presented to Dianne Tidy, for unawavering service to the Chesapeake Women Anglers without regard to personal adversity, and for her joy of teaching fy fishng which stands as a lasting testimony to all. 
In 2011, the award was presented to Casting to Recovery, in honor of the enduring and exceptional relationship between CFR and CWA in assisting women dealing with the emotional and physical challenges of breast cancer. Carolyn Harvey received the award on behalf of CFR.
In 2010, the award was given to Barb Adatte, for her unlimited contributions and continued service to CWA and women in flyfishing.    
In 2009, the award was presented to Margaret Chasson, a conscientious leader and devoted club member, in appreciation for all her contributions to CWA.
In 2008, the award was given to Robin Hoofnagle in recognition of her inspirational leadership in coordinating CWA's Casting for Recovery program from 2001 to 2008, her dedicated service to the club in hosting club outings and arranging fishing workshops, and for her congenial companionship and admirable skill as a fly fisher.
In 2007, the award was given to Kiki Galvin, president of CWA from 2003 to 2006, in recognition of her support and dedication to women in the sport of fly fishing.
No award was presented in 2006.
In 2005, the award was given to nine area fly fishing shops who went above and beyond in supporting CWA and women in the sport of fly fishing. The award was presented to Angler's Lie, Arlington, VA; Backwater Angler, Monkton, MD; Bass Pro White River Fly Shop, Hanover, MD; Hunting Creek Outfitters, Frederick, MD; L.L. Bean, Tysons Corner, VA; Murray's Fly Shop, Edinburg, VA; Orvis Company, Clarendon, VA; Orvis Company, Tysons Corner, VA; and The Trophy Room, Alexandria, VA.
In 2004, the award was given to Carole Miller for her talents and dedication to women in the sport of fly fishing, CFR and CWA.
In 2003, the award was given to the “Property Owners of Smith Creek” including Amy Cerelli and Billy Kingsley; Jim and Ruth Deskins, Mike and Brenda Lowry, and Patti and Kevin Williams.  These individuals generously allowed the women of CWA/CFR to fish on their stocked trout stream on River Day during Casting for Recovery (CFR) retreats since May 2001. The contribution of these individuals ensured that the CWA/CFR River Day was special and memorable for participants and volunteers alike. 
In 2002, the award  was given to Norma Kawecki, past President of CWA,  for her talents and dedication to women in the sport of fly fishing and CWA.  

In 2001, the award was given to Barry Serviante and Chuck Furmisky for their support of CWA at the College Park Fly Fishing Shows.  
The award was first given in 2000 to Sarah Gardner and Carol Stevenson, its namesakes, for their dedication to women in the sport of fly fishing and helping to pioneer the development of the Chesapeake Women Anglers (the organization was first known, in 1994, as Chesapeake Outdoor Women whose  acronym spelled COW).