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Fish, Lunch and Learn (FLL)

     The Fish, Lunch and Learn concept began decades ago as more beginners joined the club and we realized our mission.     Our focus is on making flyfishing fun and educational for the beginner.  Therefore, we don't get up at the crack of dawn or fish in extreme weather conditions.  Instead we have a casual day on an easy nearby stream or pond on a day conducive to hanging out and learning a new skill, sharing stories over lunch and exploring a new location.  We try hard to give participants every opportunity to catch a fish or 2 while practicing the day's lesson.  If fish are not caught however,  we are contented with the fact that everyone has learned something new, maybe shared a good fishing story and possibly met a new fishing buddy for future days on the water.  

     Fish, Lunch and Learn outings occur closer to home, and are located on a stream relatively easy to fish where members can practice a new fishing technique without an extreme challenge from the stream itself.  Several willing and able members have offered to host a day on one of their favorite "easy to fish" and "closer to home" streams while other members offered to to serve as 'River Helpers".
    We encourage all new to flyfishing, who are raw beginners to first attend a beginner clinic if possible to learn the very basics of flyfishing.   
    Guests who would like to see what the club has to offer before committing to join are also welcome to participate.  
    FLL outings are held at least once a month from April through November (always weather permitting).   

Here FLL participants meet with the leader for a quick overview of fishing access and techniques to use on the Middle Patuxent River, Savage, MD 

    To participate in a FLL outing, you must RSVP to the leader so she knows to be on the look out for you. 

All outdoor events may be impacted by weather or water conditions resulting in a change of plans. 

The FLL leader will be in contact with those signed up to confirm last minute details via phone or e-mail the night before or morning of the outing.

Please consult the Calendar for specific details for each  FLL events for this season. 

 Reports from previous trips 

        June 24 FLL 

Carol reported that the June FLL held at the  Beverly Triton Beach Park in Edgewater, MD was loads of fun. No fish were caught however it was a gorgeous day in the water and on the beach.  Try the  Beverly Triton Beach Park, Edgewater, MD on your own some time.  It is located at  1202 Triton Beach Road, Edgewater, MD 21037.  Fly fishing in the park’s Beverly Lake and Deep Pond will entertain you for hours.   A Maryland Fresh water fishing license required for the ponds and a Salt water license for the shore.  

       June 17 Clinic

Carol reported that the clinic held at the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary Saturday June 17 was a huge success in spite of threats for thunderstorms. She says that: "The rain didn’t start until we were finished with the pond fishing at the end of the day. I believe we caught more fish last Saturday than we ever have before at Merkle. The bluegill and sunfish were rising everywhere and the bass were jumping clear out of the water. I don’t think anyone caught a bass but we had plenty of action on the bluegill and sunfish." 

Pictures from the April FLL held on a private pond 
in Upperville, VA.  Fishing for largemouth bass and bluegill just west of Middleburg.  As you can see some pretty big fish were caught and based on the smiles it looks like they had fun.  
Casey and a very large Sunfish                 Deb McGee and Casey with a handful of Bluegill

Francis with a 2 handed Largemouth bass. 

Deb Fagan with a large Large mouth bass

We look forward to seeing in June at the next FLL. 
Check out the Calendar for details.  

    If you are outfitted and ready to fish, some members may meet earlier for a few hours to fish before class starts. 
     Members with no prior flyfishing experience are encouraged to attend one of several  Beginner Casting Clinics held throughout the year. 
       Please discuss your skill level with the leader so she can be prepared.   
        See Calendar for some dates. 
    Enjoy a break from the water and network with other participants. Confirm with the FLL leader regarding the day’s lunch plans.


    Both before and after lunch, participants will have the opportunity to learn about such topics as purchasing equipment, choosing the right fly, knot tying, as well as       various fishing techniques for particular stream and times of year.   

What you can expect: 

  • FUN
  • Fish
  • Friends
  • Fishing License IS required unless otherwise noted by the leader. 
  • Fish, Lunch & Learns are designed to give members information about their "home waters" as each FLL is planned for a stream no more than 1 to 1.5 hours away from home.  Members are given information about where to park, how to fish the stream, and what flies to use. 
  • The locations for FLLs alternate between Virginia and Maryland to give members the opportunity to fish their "home waters regardless of where they live."
  • Variety of  fishing opportunities both fresh water and saltwater.  
  • Register for FLL by email or phone call to the assigned FLL Leader.
  • Free to members unless otherwise noted in the calendar.  
  • Attendees must be a female at least 18 years old.
  • If members do not have their own gear, please inform the leader.  With sufficient notice, we can arrange to lend you equipment for the day . 
   Chesapeake Women Anglers enjoying lunch under the trees on the bank of the Potomac River      

Ladies ready to fish the Little Patuxent on a beautiful morning  . 

                                                             FLL participants having a lesson in "How to load line onto your new fly reel".