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Board of Directors

President:  Carol Stevenson 
Carol Stevenson is co-owner, with her husband, Phil Gay, of a fly fishing guiding and destination service called Trout and About. She is one of the founding members of the Chesapeake Women Anglers, a fishing organization that provides instruction and fishing opportunities for women in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Since 2000, she has been involved, as an instructor and retreat leader, with Casting For Recovery, a not-for-profit organization that teaches women who are recovering from breast cancer to fly fish. 

CWA has been near and dear to my heart for many years. During that time I've been fortunate to have 
watched women with no fishing skills become very proficient fly fishers. Teaching these women the skills to enjoy this marvelous sport has been a real joy. As much as I Iove fishing, it's even more fun to be on the river with another fisher and seeing her experience the thrill of finding a feeding fish, presenting a tasty fly, and being rewarded with a beautiful fish on the line. I look forward to continuing the wonderful fishing traditions that have attracted so many women to CWA over the years.

Vice President:  Katherine Farley 

I grew up fishing the lakes and rivers in Arkansas, and continued to enjoy the sport after moving to DC and then Virginia.  I've always enjoyed exploring state and national parks and the waters around them. Living in this area offered many opportunities for fresh and salt water fishing.  I bought my first surf rod with my husband Frank during a camping trip to Assateaque Island, MD.

The idea to add fly fishing to my fishing repertoire really took root when my husband and I stumbled upon the Lefty Kreh rock while hiking along the Gunpowder River one very warm November day.  We had moved to Maryland and enjoyed exploring local parks and trails. During my search for used fly fishing gear I learned about the CWA from neighbors, Norma and Don.  And like many others after attending the Memorial Day weekend retreat at Carol Stevenson’s home, surrounded by friendly faces, patient instruction, laughter, and fishing, the journey began.

I have had a good bit of time to enjoy this sport these last couple of years and CWA has given me some awesome fishing buddies to share it with.  Even if we weren't catching fish, we might discover a new fishing hole, or some secret bushes, practice a cast, and learn about each other while experiencing the beauty and sounds of nature and enjoying the adventure.

I look forward to supporting our club, making new memories, and fishing as much as I can, in addition to improving my skills while sharing good times with the CWA members. 

Secretary: Casey Peltier 

What do you do with a ski place in south central Pennsylvania the other 40 weeks of the year? You learn to fly fish with Dusty Wissmath, and discover that Pennsylvania is the Holy Land of fly fishing.  World class streams on your doorstep--what fun!  When it's too warm to ski, you fish, and vice versa.   

Then you go home to Arlington, VA, and fish countless hours in our beloved urban drainage otherwise known as Holmes Run, and after a while you can actually catch fish on your own.  Then you start to tie flies, and the pastime becomes a passion.  Then you discover The West, Florida, the Caribbean and so on,

and life is never the same again!

Back when The Fly Show came to College Park, I found Chesapeake Women Anglers at a booth, and now 
I can share all this with other ladies who love the sport.  Casting for Recovery was the next logical step, helping breast cancer survivors discover the healing nature of the outdoors, and incidentally introducing them to fly fishing.  CWA offers countless ways to both enjoy fishing and give back!

Acting Membership Chair:  Mary Beth Martin

I started fly fishing 10 years ago and several years into the sport found the Chesapeake Women Anglers online. In 2010, I attended for the first time the annual Memorial Day picnic at Carol Stevenson’s house on the Gunpowder River. I came away enthused by the remarkable group of supportive, generous and accomplished anglers.

I learned a great deal about casting and equipment from the group. However, living in Virginia, about an hour’s drive from DC, I look forward to more Virginians joining the group for outings south of Maryland. 

Treasurer: Val Walters

The following positions remain open. 
Outings Coordinator,  
Fly Show and Community Events Chair, 
Programs and Special Events Chair, and 
Environment Committee Chair

If you would like to participate by becoming a Board Member or Committee Chair please contact President  Carol Stevenson to discuss the job duties.  

The Club wishes to thank past board members for their service to the club. 

Testimonials from past club officers: 

 Chris Hill  Past Outings Coordinator says:

"I have many loves and fly-fishing is one of them; it brings peace and harmony to my being, which I can then pass on to others. " - Sue Kreutzer 

I have a deep desire and passion for the natural world. I believe as John Muir did, that “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” To me, it is really important for us to protect the natural world for future generations, but also to explore and enjoy it. I was intrigued by the art of fly fishing while visiting Katmai National Park in Alaska about two years ago. Ever since then, I have been learning and explore the waters. I am grateful for CWA and its offerings to new and intermediate anglers. It is a wonderful organization and am thankful to have been a part of the board and an active member!"

Rachel Willingham Past Membership Chair says:

"My dad introduced me to fly fishing about 5 years ago when I moved back to Maryland. I had been spin fishing since before I could walk and was a little bored with it but needed to be outside and on the water. Little did I know that I would be in the water and loving every minute of it!  My dad found out about CWA from a former member and let me in on the secret. I joined and have enjoyed fishing with and learning from the ladies in CWA! Being the Membership Chair has given me a chance to give back to CWA after everything the Club has given me. Thanks for the opportunity!"

 Mali Sauntry  Past Fly Show and Community Events Chair says:

" I am an educational consultant and analyst who loves to have a conference call by rivers, ponds, and lakes. I am also a fish foodie in any form, raw or cooked! I learned to fish with my brother in the comfortable, all year-round tropical weather of Thailand. Fly fishing has amazed me with the scenery and the abundance of nature that this beautiful country has to offer. 
CWA offers me an opportunity for wisdom, in a non-competitive environment, and feeling closer to home."

  MaryBeth Godley Past Programs and Special Events Chair says:

"I started fishing as a kid with my dad and siblings.  Growing up in such a beautiful area as Washington State I fell in love with the adventures we had every time we went out, even if we didn't catch anything.  A few years ago I ended up here on the East Coast for the first time and was looking to get back into fishing when I found CWA.  I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful group! I know I’ll continue to learn from my fellow Lady Anglers and I am enthusiastic about promoting fishing to others."