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Librarian's Corner

We don't have a Librarian right now but you can request any book or video by contacting the president, Carol Stevenson.  Castevenson@mindsrping.com,  (410) 472-0272

Dick Pobst has mined The Caddisfly Handbook that he co-produced with Carl Richards for Orvis to create The Orvis Vest Pocket Guide to Caddisflies, which is part of their Vest Pocket Series.

With 50 important Caddisfly species across North America, Pobst has narrowed it down to 14 that are important west of the Mississippi and 13 that are important in the East. The book is conveniently broken down between the east and the west, and color-coded to indicate hatching order importance.

Both Latin and common names are used. Peak hatch periods and times are listed as well as the type of water they inhabit. Hook sizes, overall length and descriptions of the body, wings, legs and antennae are given along with color photographs of each species in the adult and pupa stages.  

The authors provide sketches of insect’s cases and a thorough description of where to find them. Details of egg laying (ovipositing) and information on where and when to watch for the emergers come out of the water is also provided.

Chapter 1 provides a description of the caddisfly throughout North America rivers and chapter 2 spells out in great detail the caddisfly lifecycle. Chapter 3 takes the reader through identifying caddisflies starting with where and how to look for the larvae/cases. Pobst has included a two-page chart that cross-references the larvae/case with the insect.

Chapter 6 provides patterns and photographs for tying each major stage of the caddisflies with special instructions on tying the tape-and-feather winged cinnamon caddis, which produces a more exact imitation of the natural.  In the back of the book is a Personal Fly Hatch Chart for those of us who want to focus on all aspects of the caddisfly and to take a giant leap in the number of trout on the line.

This is my book and not a part of the CWA Library but recommended as a "Good Read" 


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