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The Chesapeake Women Anglers (CWA) is a women's fly fishing club with members residing in and around the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area including MD, VA, DC and beyond.

We share skills by teaching each other while on the water and in the classroom and by writing articles for our quarterly newsletter. We meet monthly to fish on local waters in the mid-Atlantic/Chesapeake Bay area and by way of our destination trips explore more distant waters together (see CWA Calendar).  

We partner with environmental groups to improve our waters, take part in community events, and socialize at our annual spring kick-off meetingfall picnic, and winter holiday party. Mostly we just love to fly fish and enjoy sharing all about it.
Become a member so you too can learn about the great places we fish, share the camaraderie and create your own stories. Membership is open to adult persons age 18 and over (see Membership). We hope to see you on the water!              

                                                                                                CWA  P.O. Box 296, Phoenix, Maryland 21131          


>=}}>     Be a safe and aware fisher woman!

Regardless of where you fish always take precautions for your own safety.   
-  Please always fish with a buddy or two. 
-  Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't be distracted by your cell phone. 
-  Carry a whistle that will blow even when wet. 
-  Carry pepper spray or bear spray. 
-  Fish in sight of your buddies. 
-  Be sure your vehicle is locked and all valuables are out of sight. 
-  Don't linger in the parking lot especially when no one else is around. 
-  Don't be distracted by strangers that may approach you asking for help when you are alone.

>=}}>      Not a member yet or forgot to renew?  Here is how to join in 4 easy steps.  

1) Click this link: Membership

2) Follow instructions to print out the membership application.

3) Fill out the application and 

4) Mail it along with your check for dues to:

               CWA, P.O. Box 296, Phoenix, MD 21131  

If you have questions please contact  CWA, Membership Chair

 Mary Beth Martin:  hellomarybeth@yahoo.com or call (540) 222-0591

>=}}>     Notice of By-Laws changes made 9/6/2018   (See Bylaws pages under Membership)

Article III, Para. D NONMEMBERS:  Nonmembers of CWA shall be eligible to attend related functions and are eligible to attend special meetings and events.   Non-members will be offered a choice: a one-day membership of $10, or annual membership at the usual rate.

>=}}>      Want to learn how you can help keep our waters clean and free of invasive species?
       Check out this note below from our friends at the Izaak Walton League of America and follow  the suggested links to learn more. 

   Invasive Species: The Water Risk We Sometimes Miss

         It’s our favorite time of year. The fish are biting. Stream lovers are out sloshing around, fishing, wading or just taking a dip to cool off in a stream on a hot sunny day.  But there's probably more in the water than your toes.  Invasive species threaten all aquatic ecosystems, from fresh water creeks to coastal bays. By following a few simple steps, you can stop invasive species from spreading. A speck of mud, a drop of water, or a tiny fragment of a plant is all it takes to spread harmful plants and animals. To minimize that risk, we ask every stream user to clean off your boats and gear onsite, including waders, buckets, and nets. The last thing we lovers of water want to do is spread invasive species to the waterways we love and and are working so hard to protect.  You can learn more on our website For more information check out the latest blogs and posts from the Leagues Clean Water Staff.  Also check out the links below. 

Is That My Bug? The League's Aqua Bugs App Simplifies Stream MonitoringHeather Black, IWLA Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteer

>=}}>      Fly tying opportunities:

Following the CWA tradition of women teaching women, 2 members have volunteered to offer fly tying sessions in their

respective homes over the winter months.

Norma Kawecki who lives in Frederick, MD and Casey Peltier who lives in
Arlington, VA (northern VA) are offering their homes for small group fly tying sessions.
Please email them for more details and find out dates, times and flies to be tied.
Email Norma at:  Norma Kawecki and Casey at  Casey Peltier  for more details.