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Statement of Ethics and Beliefs

All members must agree to the following statements of belief and ethics:

Statement of Shared Beliefs

  1. The members of this organization believe:

    1. that the divine is multi-faceted and that it is appropriate to Name and worship a variety of Goddesses and Gods in a variety of different ways,

    2. that the divine is primarily immanent,

    3. that there are a variety of guardian spirits and levels of divinity,

    4. that we generally shape our liturgy and theology around the worship of the Goddess or the Goddess and the Old Gods,

    5. that the divine is ever-present and ever-active in the world,

    6. that we can through petition, action, and ritual, cause change in the world in accord with our Wills.

  2. Every woman and every man is an embodiment of divinity.

  3. All acts of love and pleasure are acts of praise of the Goddess. This specifically includes all non-coercive sexual orientations.

  4. An ye harm none, do what ye will.


All members of this organization must bind themselves by agreement with the

Although there are many Goddesses and Gods and many Paths to their worship, our path does not involve;

  1. animal sacrifice,

  2. any coercive activities,

  3. charging fees for teaching the Craft beyond the recovery of costs, or Initiation. (Members of groups may reasonably be expected to share in the expenses of events sponsored by the group, or agreed to as part of its obligations as members of this organization, and voluntary donations will be accepted).

  4. malfeasance,

  5. breaking Priestly confidentiality, subject to the law,

  6. oath-breaking.